Hold the bun. 15 mouth-watering Keto Burger recipes | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

It's time to take seriously the best keto meal, the burger. Rich in fat and low in carbohydrates, these keto burger recipes – made from beef, turkey, chicken, lamb and salmon – contain healthy proteins and fats, such as egg, lamb Avocado, bacon and butter. Seasoned with Italian spices, and even coffee and cocoa, there is something for all burger lovers on this list. So, if you want to enhance your burger game, this keto burger recipe horizon tour is for you.

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Keto Burger Recipes

Beef Burgers

Guacamole Burger

15 mouth-watering Keto Burger recipes_Guacamole Burger

Image via Paleo Flourish

Filled with fried eggs and guacamole, these rich parsley keto burgers are loaded with flavors. They also contain healthy fats – grass fed beef, eggs and avocados in guacamole. Speaking of this secret sauce, use this Bulletproof guacamole recipe to redouble creamy freshness in this keto burger recipe.

Burger without bacon and egg bread

15 tempting keto burger recipes - burger without bread and eggs without eggs

Image via Fat to lose weight

Here's a burger recipe with bacon and eggs wrapped in lettuce leaves to preserve the contents. Bacon adds a salty, sweet and mellow flavor to this simple hamburger. An excellent burger recipe for lunch or even breakfast, you can make this hamburger in 15 minutes.

Burger with Mocha Salty

15 tantalizing keto burger recipes - salty mocha burger

Image via Popular Paleo

Check out this classic Keto burger recipe with this salty mocha variant. Coffee and cocoa enhance the flavors of beef and add maximum richness and depth to the recipe. Skip the chili powder if you are sensitive to lectins and nightshades.

Burger butter

15 mouth-watering Keto Burger recipes_Butter Burger

Image via I Save A 2 Z

A recipe for burger recipes would be incomplete without a buttered burger. The creamy and salty butter allows you to savor the natural aromas of the seasonings of this burger – basil, parsley, cayenne and tarragon. Although the antioxidant powder is amazing, Cayenne is part of the Solanaceae family and you may be sensitive to it. Leave it without sacrificing flavor.

Mini-burger with avocado and zucchini

15 mouth-watering Keto Burger recipes_Burgers with avocado and zucchini

Image via Paleo Flourish

Sometimes it's the vegetables on a hamburger that best complement the beef. In this case, the zucchini is the perfect bread for your mini beef burgers. Use this avocado mayonnaise recipe when the recipe uses mayo and you are in the Bulletproof business.

Burger with bacon herbs

15 tempting keto burger recipes_ herbal burger wrapped in bacon

Whole30 and approved by the paleo, this recipe keto burger is simply beautiful in presentation. Garlic, thyme, sage and green onions add an immense flavor to this easy recipe. Bacon prevents the meat from drying out, leaving you with the juiciest burger you've ever tasted. Garlic is part of the suspicious category of the bulletproof diet because it inhibits alpha brain waves and could affect your mood – and, depending on where you get it , could be moldy. Choose high quality garlic and do not eat it every day.

turkey burgers

Burger with Italian turkey

15 recipes of tantalizing keto burger - Italian turkey burger

Image via Delightful Mom Food

Here is an Italian version of the traditional recipe of the keto burger … the seasonings of this burger make it a special dish. Flavored with pink salt, caraway, oregano and basil (avoid garlic powder to be bullet-proof), you'll love every bite of this Italian-style burger. PS: It's also made with turkey instead of beef. Pass on the onion to stay bullet-proof and try this keto brioche if you take one.

Turkey with coriander and spinach

15 mouth-watering keto burger recipes_Turkey burger with cilantro and spinach

Image via Savory Lotus

Spinach and coriander in this herbaceous recipe make it attractive to the eyes, not to mention the freshness and flavor of the mouth. Garnish with lettuce, avocado and homemade pickles. The turkey keeps well too, so these hamburgers are excellent as leftovers. Pass the onion for the Bulletproof seal of approval.

Confetti Turkey Burger

15 mouth-watering keto burger recipes_A turkey burger with jam

Image via The Castaway Kitchen

This colorful keto turkey burner illuminates your plate of purple cabbage and orange carrots. If you need a hamburger to feed your children or to eat a dish, this may be your choice. Pass onions and mushrooms to stay bullet-proof.

Chicken Burgers

ABC Bunless Burger

15 mouth-watering Keto Burger recipes_ABC Burger without bread

Image via Ditch The Carbs

Prepare for the creamy avocado, tasty bacon and juicy chicken in the mouth. This keto burger recipe featuring lettuce makes life grain-free and gluten-free. Omit the garlic from the burger mixture and keep the onions as a garnish to stay bullet-proof. Always use organic chicken and graze, and eat it rarely because its fats are inflammatory.

Lamb burger

Keto Paleo Whole 30 Lamb Burgers

15 mouth-watering Keto Burger recipes_Keto Paleo Whole 30 Lamb Burgers

Image via Paleo Running Momma

You will enjoy these Greek cookies. Here is a keto lamb burger expertly seasoned and garnished with a dairy-free tzatziki with coconut cream. Omit onion and garlic as seasonings for a Bulletproof burger.

Keto Lamb Sliders

15 mouth-watering Keto Burger recipes_ Keto lamb sliders

Image via Diet Doctor

If you're craving a small meal, try this lobster burger recipe with sliders or mini-burgers. Sliders are perfect for a snack or can be served as hors d'oeuvres at your next party. These Mediterranean sliders are bursting with lemony and pungent flavor, with an amazing smell, thanks to the aromatic oregano. Put the garlic and onion seasonings on the back burner for a Bulletproof variant.

Lamb patties with zucchini

15 keto burger recipes that will make your mouth water-Lamb galettes with zucchini

Image via Worth Cooking

Looking for more ways to insert vegetables into your diet? Try this keto burger recipe that adds zucchini to your lamb patty mix. Zucchini keeps your burger soft and juicy, while bringing extra vegetables. Remember, no garlic and onion for a completely bullet-proof experience.

Salmon burgers

Salmon pancakes Keto

15 tempting keto burger recipes_ Keto salmon patties

Image through the healing spoon

If you're tired of meat as the base of your hamburger (no judgment here!), Try this salmon patty instead. Prepare it with this avocado mayonnaise recipe and avoid garlic if you are sensitive. Get ready for a moist and sweet salmon burger that will enhance your cooking repertoire.

Low carb salmon pancakes

15 mouth-watering Keto Burger recipes_ Low-carb salmon cakes

Image via these old cookbooks

The beauty of this keto salmon burger is its simplicity. Salmon cooked with butter, eggs and olive oil also helps to achieve your keto goals with high fat and carbohydrates. With only six ingredients and minimal cooking time, take note of this recipe.

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Hold the bun. 15 mouth-watering Keto Burger recipes | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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