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It started very well, but more and more rotten over the weeks. I think my location is a little too far from the main facility. It is not worth it if it is cooler when it arrives here. We had some good meals, but a lot of raw meals with deflated veggies going through what I can only describe as a fungal puberty stage. (Spores, mycelium networks, fruiting bodies, etc.)

For all those who say that it is difficult to cancel, this is really not the case. A subscription cancellation button can be found under the account information tab. It was very easy to find and very explicit. If you cancel your food within seven days, they do not charge you.

Terrible. Not flexible with the delivery schedule. If you already have a last minute trip to book (I had absolutely no choice for my last minute trip), too bad for you, as they will ship you and charge you anyway. So, a whole box of food is sitting in front of my door for two days. I can not wait to open this $ 80 food box that went wrong.

Oh, and you have to CALL TO CANCEL and they keep you waiting at least 10 minutes, which is such an obvious tactic that it's hard to cancel. Soooo shit and ladle. Gross gross company. Like your uncle Ed who wears his pants too high and who watches you at the age of 12 and who has to walk near him. Sleepy!

Terrible food !! Blech! Bunch of random vegetables that do not taste good together, minimal spices and sauces, and the worst cuts of meat. It was said that there was red pepper in my list of ingredients – it ended up being a bitter yellow 🙁 so do not bother!
I contacted the customer service team via facebook. Big mistake. I have attached photos of the answer below. All cooks know that yellow and red peppers have two different flavor profiles!
This place does not care about customers at all. When I called the customer service phone number, a refund was provided to me. But I wonder how many others have gone through this process before me. Please try a different subscription service!

I was skeptical about this but, considering the reviews and opinions of several users, I decided to give it a go at Green Chef. To say that it was a bit of a mistake is a euphemism.

I chose the pescatarian meal plan, again – skeptical, but full of hope. The first meal was delivered at the scheduled time, but the vegetables were so poor that at the third meal (3 days after delivery), they were faded and needed to be replaced. The seafood was fresh, but barely and I had to freeze it to prevent them from spoiling themselves before they could use them. The recipes were simple and easy to follow, but what good is it if the food is bad …

My second delivery has not been delivered yet and it is for the third day late. Frankly, the idea of ​​making seafood 5 to 8 days after cooking in a cooler, somewhere in a truck or warehouse, is disgusting. Given the highly perishable nature of all the ingredients, especially seafood, I was expecting a sense of urgency for delivery that seems to be lacking.

I contacted Green Chef on the due date (6/1), when I learned that my delivery had taken place in my city but in a FedEx facility somewhere without perspective or timing delivery until today (6 out of 4). The answer was basically "sorry, it's late" with the tone of "hard s ** t".

Much of the current problem seems to be that of FedEx. otherwise, I would be less indulgent in a criticism of Green Chef. Still, I've used other home delivery services without having to buy replacement ingredients, and they seem to sell beyond their geographic range. Especially for meat, poultry and fish, delivery times were very short for me. It's a pity, they really seem to have quality recipes … if there was a match between the expected results, I would be a fan for life.

So, as an update … that order, it never happened. I was promised a refund, but after almost two weeks, they did not keep their promise because I received nothing. Worst error ever, try this service.

The food is absolutely delicious, worth every penny. I have tried vegetarian and vegan dishes and I am very impressed. The only reason I do not use it every week is that it is a bit expensive, but definitely worth a try! I have tried other catering businesses like Blue Apron and Purple Carrot and Home Chef and Green Chef has the best food to taste. It takes work and time to cook these meals.

The delivery was at the time, the customer service was excellent. But the meals were awful. A lot of preparation and quality of seafood and vegetables were not good. I threw away my second meal, the first barely eaten. On the 3rd, I do not even want to take the time to prepare myself.

I have not had a problem with the quality or freshness of the food that I am doing the keto plan. My only problem sometimes is that the portions were extremely small, especially for the price. That made me think of canceling, although sometimes the portions are quite right. There have been a few times when I thought that you are making fun of me, it is impossible that it is enough for two people.

Terrible. Spoiled products, please see my photos for moldy tomatoes etc. strange tasting recipes, including "Malaysian pork", really? Malaysia is a Muslim country, can you be more disrespectful to this religion? Called the customer service, they refused to repay, just a credit – I really do not want more of this nasty product, so the credit has no value. I will contact the consumer reporter of my local TV stations on the issue of reimbursement, but my recommendation regarding this company is to stay away …

STAY AWAY! While the food is organic, the meals are mediocre, not really worth the money. But the biggest problem is that they just do not pay attention to your intention to skip weeks or even cancel. I have been charged 4 times without authorization. 2 times in weeks, I know that I jumped and the last 2 times after canceling and even received a confirmation of the cancellation. It is a ridiculous business practice and if they continue, they will have more customers. Terrible customer service. Never use them again.

Until here everything is fine. My package was sent via LaserShip and delivered to my reception. It was a little melted but my cold items were cold so I'm good. I've had Keto friendly meals – the only reason to opt for Green Chef. The portions were great for a normal sized and tasty human. The only complaint is that the meals are super basic. Which is probably a benefit for someone else. They are fast and easy to prepare. Not too choppy and nothing has taken more than 40 minutes to get ready (but usually more like 25). So I have to jazze a bit, but I cook and make my own purchases easily. I just ordered the box for variety in my keto diet time.

All bad reviews are true. Not organic and of poor quality!

I just received my first box and NO meat was organic, the whole box smelled bad and the product was in poor condition – bruised, old and of poor quality. The precut onions marinated in their own bath of drool and the sauces, which appeared to be based on mayonnaise, were hot.

When I called them to complain about the state of the food and asked them why they had touted their food as organic when it was not, we were told that the "society" was organic but not all of their food. What? How does it make sense when they sell food?

The only good thing is that they returned the refund very easily, but I threw the entire box in the trash for fear of food poisoning.

Beware of fake advertisements.

I do not know what's wrong with Green Chef. Maybe they just do not know what KETO is. Or maybe they're not very good at it. Or maybe they are simply dishonest.

Whatever the problem, their much touted KETO plan is not at all KETO. This is Paleo. These are two ways to eat, but they are not the same. And the differences can make the difference between a health and a serious illness for those of us who are on KETO to treat a specific disease.

Green Chef's KETO plan is packed with carbohydrates. CRAMMED, people! A portion of Green Chef's KETO meal plan often packs more carbohydrates in one sitting than a real ketogenic person is allowed in a day. NOTICE TO GREEN CHIEF: YAMS AND WINTER SQUASH ARE NOT ALLOWED ON KETO! The goal of the Green Chef's keto plan is that I can have a trouble-free meal that does not require me to plan submarines or support a meal where the only thing I could eat was the meat .

Ketosis is a medical and metabolic condition that requires a specific combination of foods to function. This is not a fad diet, and it is not always a choice for most people who choose this way of eating. IT IS A MEDICALLY PRESCRIBED PLAN, and a company claiming to be proposing ketogenic meals should be obliged to do its research and not to send products that could harm its customers. My personal reason to subscribe to their catering service was because I was very sick and needed help to get food for the week. I also had to trust them to provide them with the right foods. A few weeks after the start of the program, I had no more ketosis and I was seriously ill.

The Green Chef people are professionals and they should know better than that.

In fact, they know it better because a lot of people have contacted them to complain about their quick definition of a diet that is a medical reality and one that must be extremely rigid for it to work. All the complaints in the world have not moved them one iota and they continue to send meals that are low in Paleo carbs and not at all keto.

Another problem is the lack of simplicity and the difficulty of cooking certain meals. I found myself mingled with cooking dinners whose preparation took until two o'clock and I left my kitchen in a state of chaos. As a chronic patient, the last thing I needed was a great cleanse after what had been advertised as a quick and easy meal. And as each month went by, the food sent was getting harder and harder because they no longer sent precooked sauces and pre-chopped vegetables. I really did everything from nothing.

The quality of the meat has also started to decline over the weeks. We experienced extremely hard and stringy steaks, dry and tasteless chicken and fish cooked in a soggy mess.

The amounts were incompatible. Sometimes we received LOTS of food for our family, which suited us because we could save for leftovers. But on other occasions, we received so little food that I had to cook something else to prepare a complete meal.

In summary: I do not think Green Chef is worth it. The food is good sometimes and other times it is inedible. The amounts were incompatible.


Low carbohydrate? Yes.
Paleo? Yes.

Keto? NOT AT ALL. They must begin to provide their customers with real keto meals OR to change the name of this meal plan to Paleo and stop giving sick people to purchase their fake KETO meals.

If I could give them zero stars, I would do it.

I've used Green Chef for 2 years. At first I loved it, very exciting to get organic food, was fun and easier to cook than Hello Blue Apron. But then I stopped cooking and decided to cancel. I could not find how to cancel online, I was distracted and remained a member for another 2 months before finding their phone number for help canceling. This is an online business. Guess what?!! You can not cancel online, you have to call them to cancel !!! So, I loved their product, but now I feel like I'm suffering from the same disease that is prevalent in our culture: "making money for shareholders". An online business that converts by forcing the phone to cancel your subscription – fraudulent!

Absolutely complete liars artist scam! Claim to be organic and none of the meat and fish items were organic! They charge high prices, which makes you believe that you are getting organic products and that you are not!

The worst canned table service. The first box "test" arrived with 2 days late, all meats are spoiled. The second "paid" box arrived at the time, but a group of green leafy vegetables was spoiled and one of the essential ingredients of a recipe was missing. Of course, I only realized that after preparing the meal up to this point. I've tried Home Chef, Hello Fresh and Blue Apron as well, and Green Chef has been by far the most mediocre.

I wanted to try Green Chef so I placed an order. I received my first box yesterday and it was missing the chicken at one of the meals. I contacted the customer service and they told me that they would not send the chicken supposed to be in the box. They would only give me a credit for the box of the next few weeks. After that, I do not go to random to order and not receive the food that is supposed to be there, so I canceled my subscription.

50% discount on the promo is equivalent to about 40 people for 3 meals for 2 people.
Cooking the amount of food for 2 people is a bit small.
The cuts of meat and other ingredients do not seem to be so remarkably organic or superb that I think it basically justifies 80- something a week at the full price for 3 meals for 2 people.
Everything was pretty fresh and the taste was pretty good, but I'm really about to know if I want to try full price for what I've had.
My feeling is just a little meh. Not bad but I'm not sure it's worth it. I read that it was one of the most expensive delivery services. I have not yet compared with Blue Apron, Dinnerly, etc.

My number one problem with Green Chef is why would they let you choose meals if they want to send you what they want anyway? I had a box full of meals that I did not even choose. I know that they can not do everything for shipping, but when I arrived, all my items were not even cold at all. I am very particular when it comes to choosing my meat at the supermarket, those pieces of meat that they have sent me … Never in my life would I have chosen them. For the amount you pay for three meals a week, I would have thought the quality would be better. It seems that my fellow Yelpers have had similar problems with Green Chef and their quality, which has led me to not even want to try another box. Very disappointed.

The quality of the food has declined. I have been a customer since 2018. I finally had to cancel after throwing food for the third time. I hope that they will change supply in the future.

That said, their customer service team is top notch. I have never had to deal with such professionals. 🙂

The Mojito Shrimp Review. July 7, 2018

Black mint is what came with the Green Chef delivery box. Shown in the picture below. I grow my own mint which is the beautiful spearmint on top. We did not use their mint, there was no smell and was very faded.

We also bought local shrimp because when I peeked at their bag of 10 shrimp, it seemed very small. When I opened their package, everything was fine, but our Gulf shrimp are much better and bigger. The meal was mojito shrimp, there was a radish salad that was a side dish that I liked but my husband did not care.

We liked the dish, but the shrimp was small without a pun, haha. The mint was just bad.

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