furious, she denounces a brand that uses his notoriety against his will ⋆ Potins.net | DISCOUNT CODE !

Often scrutinized by a magnifying glass, the appearance of the stars of the female sex arouses covetousness. This is particularly the case of Jenifer who had to take the lead in the face of an obscure slimming capsule sales company.

This is unfortunately not the first time that the sign Keto is talking about her. In early 2019, television host Laurence Boccolini had already paid for it.

Warning. Keto Fit Premium Diet or Premium Diet or Keto Personal Diet or anything starting with this name is a name scam! They use the names of people known to attract you to their page.

Had she written on her Twitter account.

Fortunately, Jenifer, the coach of The Voice Kids n / A not let doubt settle and warned his fans of the trickery.

Jenifer sees red!

Our colleagues from Tele-Loisirs reveal that photo montage mass aired on the internet has taken Jenifer out of her hinges. We saw her, all smiles, posing in the middle of full of capsules. A choice not so trivial since the legend clearly indicated that tablets would be the reason for the staggering weight loss of the artist.

Take 1 morning in the morning, and you will see the result!

The reaction of the bride did not drag. First, on the Facebook page JustJenifer, created by fans:

Jenifer has in no way agreed to use his image to promote this kind of product.

Then the star took the train of truth working. She took care to spread this warning herself on her social networks:

Hey the #JJTEAM 😉🚨 This ad has been circulating on facebook for a few days. Of course she is MENSONGÈRE! …

Posted by JustJenifer on Monday, October 7, 2019

Posted by Jenifer on Monday, October 7, 2019

Post immediately shared and commented by the friends of the star. And especially by Slimane. Indeed, the winner of The Voice has woven a very nice complicity with Jenifer interpreting with her the song CSimple hoses.

According to our colleagues, a lot of sports and energy tours would be the reason for Jenifer's weight loss.

furious, she denounces a brand that uses his notoriety against his will ⋆ Potins.net | DISCOUNT CODE !
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