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This young Padawan arrived at the 3-year-old Temple from Naboo. Serra was reputed for his impotence, his ambition and as one of the least docile padawans after course the young Anakin Skywalker. Thanks to the teachings of her Master and her immense talent, she easily mastered the fight with two blades. She earned the respect of other Jedi because this form of combat was extremely difficult to use and very rare were those who reached it. She passed Knight at the same time as Anakin Skywalker but they were above all rivals in all aspects of their training.

During a mission in the outer border, she encountered a problem and sent a distress signal. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were able to capture the signal and went to his aid. Anakin, using courage, rushed to the orbital station where the signal came from. He discovered many Clones, a dead Devanorian Jedi and Serra alone rescape. Noticing his curiosity, Anakin left with Serra to visit the station despite Serra's refusal. Anakin realized that it was in fact a station that produced war machines through the work of small creatures. The two Jedi, wishing to stop the construction, sent a detonator that blew up the station. Even after destroying the station, there was still a problem. Bring Serra back to Coruscant. Anakin offered Serra to ride with him to his one-man fighter. Serra, who did not have his tongue in his pocket, took the opportunity to point out to him his seduction skills.

But his friendship with Anakin did not change his sad destiny. During the attack on the Jedi Temple, she tried to resist the Clone attacks and went to meet the Sith Lord. She interposed in front of the entrance to the Council Chamber to protect the novices who were hiding there. Unfortunately after a fierce fight against Darth Vader, she was finally killed by this one. The teaching of his Master and his double saber did not equal the talent of the young Sith.

Encyclopedia: Keto Serra | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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