Dunkin 'presents its range of sweetened latte drinks – Boston Herald | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

Dunkin 'is here to heal the blues of winter: the New England coffee plant has deployed its largest, most colorful and sweetest range of lattes at Christmas time, for the biggest pleasure of its gourmet customers.

"It's really sweet. This gives a good boost of sugar, "said Joe Tavano, a Dunkin customer, who broke his Keto diet to test the taste of frosted white chocolate coffee.

Frosted white chocolate is one of four exclusive flavors available for a limited time at Dunkin 'stores, alongside Holiday Eggnog, Merry Mocha Mint and Grilled Gingerbread.

"I'm Keto almost every day, but I'm pulling the trigger," said Tavano, who gave his coffee a last helping hand.

Charlie Steele, a Dunkin customer, was a fan of the Merry Mint Mocha Mint, which has a good dose of peppermint in each sip.

"I am a big fan of mocha. I'm not a big man of mint, but the first impressions will taste it, it's pretty good, "said Steele, who is a Dunkin loyalist compared to his competitors. "Starbucks is too chic. It's more expensive. "

However, customers who indulge in the range of latte coffees may want to consider beverages as a dessert rather than their order of coffee. A large latte Holiday Eggnog represents 570 calories with 77 grams of sugar, a large latte Merry Mocha Mint, 540 calories with 73 grams of sugar, a medium white chocolate frosted latte, 530 calories with 70 grams of sugar, and a large latte of Grilled spice bread is 530 calories with 74 grams of sugar.

Compare these treats with a large hot coffee and whole milk, containing 40 calories and 3 grams of sugar, and it becomes obvious that taking this sweet milk as a habit could open the door to a delicate New Year's resolution. , it's the season.

Dunkin 'presents its range of sweetened latte drinks – Boston Herald | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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