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Whether you've just decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle (it's never too late!) Or you're a pro in weight loss programs, there's bound to be a habit you've got in your line of test: drink green tea.

Become an essential ally in weight loss, this plant has been used for millennia in traditional Chinese medicine.

With many virtues, green tea is used to lose weightt done today integral part of diets and other detox cures.

Containing substances such as catechin (more specifically epigallocatechin gallate, more commonly known as EGCG) and caffeine, that accelerate the metabolism and dislodge fats by oxidizing them, drinking green tea would contribute to your well-being.

Cold or hot, green tea is also appreciated for its taste (nothing like a mint iced green tea when it's hot!), And happens to be the most popular tea variety (source).

green tea lose weight

With so many qualities, hard to resist the call of green tea! Delicious and good for your body, green tea would be ideal to lose weight.

But we already see you coming! You want to know if all the benefits attributed to him are well-founded, are you? In other words, does green tea lose weight in real life ?!

Banco, you are in the right place, we conducted our investigation to help you answer this eternal question! You are told the truth about the benefits of green tea to lose weight and most importantly, you are told which green tea to choose if you want to lose weight.

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Green tea, a fat burner
multiple virtues

The proven slimming effects of green tea

Green tea is composed of two ingredients useful for weight loss: caffeine and catechin.

  • Caffeine is an effective fat burner whose benefits on weight loss have been demonstrated on many occasions (see in particular this study).
  • The catechin is also known to lose weight, and more specifically a polyphenol contained in green tea called epigallocatechin gallate (better known as EGCG).

Both substances accelerate metabolism and burn fat by stimulating oxidation.

If since you consume green tea regularly, you have the feeling of having lost a little weight, you are probably right. Indeed, the earnings green tea to lose weight have been proven by science.

A synthesis of several studies has shown a loss of 1.31 kg on average over a period of 12 weeks in people consuming green tea, compared with people taking no supplementation.

Other studies have also revealed a significant loss of 4.6% of body weight and 4.48% of waist circumference in obese subjects. A real hope if you want to lose a few pounds!

Another study, finally, even showed that green tea is more effective that caffeine alone – yet very popular – to lose weight. On the other hand, associated with the latter, green tea would see its slimming power increase (source). The perfect combo!

lose weight with green tea

However, there is no magic, even with green tea; ) If you want to lose weight effectively and quickly, we advise you to do physical activity (and eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day!) Along with your consumption of green tea. It has indeed been proven that the effects of green tea to lose weight are increased tenfold with physical effort (source). So hop, we move!

pssss If the subject of fat burners is as passionate to you as we are, take a look at our Fat Burners Bible (yes, just that!), which lists all the substances and the research conducted to demonstrate their effectiveness.

The right dose of green tea to lose weight

green tea dose to lose weight

To fully experience the effects of green tea on your weight loss, you will need to consume fairly high doses of EGCG, enter 400 and 500 mg. These are the doses that have been tested in the studies and have revealed slimming effects.

It should be noted, however, that catechins represent only 20% of the dry mass of green tea. The EGCG concentration of total catechins is close to 60% (source). To summarize, it would take approximately near 40 g of green tea to obtain 400 mg of EGCG (source)! It's not huge, but it's still a lot of green tea.

Even dietary supplements available on the market do not contain such doses, and generally run around 800 to 1,000 mg of green tea, about 10 mg of EGCGif you have followed our calculations well.

While these levels may appear low compared to those tested in the studies, it is important to keep in mind that taking green tea tablets is more effective than drinking tea as a drinkparticularly thanks to synergies with other substances contained in these additions. In other words, food supplements based on green tea, it is not the panacea for weight loss, but it's still better than your cup of green tea, as big as it is; )

Can we drink too much green tea to lose weight?

too much green tea

Given these numbers, you may be wondering if regular consumption of such green tea (drinking or tablets) can produce adverse effects on your body? Well, not really, and it's the opposite!

It seems that green tea, consumed within the limits of recommended doses, does not no side effects.

In comparison with other fat burners, green tea is even better for health because it has other virtues It reduces the risk of cardiovascular events (source) as well as the rate of bad cholesterol (source). It is also an excellent antioxidant (4 times higher than vitamin C) (source) and an anti-inflammatory.

Rather all good, green tea to lose weight so, not worry too much! (provided you do not go to the famous 40 g of green tea anyway, do not forget that green tea contains caffeine, so it can have adverse effects, especially on your blood pressure …).

Which green tea to choose to lose weight
most effectively?

Green tea to drink

green tea bag

Most major brands of teas or infusions offer green tea. Flavored or natural, there are all kinds. One might think they are all identical, and yet …

Classic green tea, for example from the Lipton brand, which you find in all supermarkets and even Amazon, is a good tea but not enough dosage of EGCG and caffeine to be really effective on weight loss. One cup would contain only 50 to 150 mg of catechins, so less of 30 at 100 mg EGCG (source). And this is unfortunately the case for many of the teas sold in supermarkets.

But then what green tea to choose to lose weight ?

We reveal to you our little discovery: matcha green tea ! This is the ideal green tea to accompany you in your diet because it is 137 times richer in catechins that a green tea of ​​poor quality, and 3 times more than a very good green tea (source)! There is more to hesitate if you want to benefit from the virtues of green tea to lose weight. Matcha green tea is, in our opinion, the best green tea to use in your quest for well-being!

matcha vegavero tea

If you are wondering where to find a good matcha green tea, we tested the Vegavero brand and it has great user feedback (including ours!).

Green tea in the form of tablets for weight loss

green tea supplement

Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world (source), but if you only want to benefit from its benefits without filling you with liters of green tea all day long, you will be able to eat it in the form of capsules, tablets or complements.

These tablets often boast of being highly concentrated in catechins and caffeine. However, pay attention to the composition of each product: the concentration of EGCG is much lower than the rate of green tea extract announced.

Now you know how to evaluate the EGCG content of a green tea, it's the same for a dietary supplement!

For example, Green Tea Extract tablets from Earths Design are, in our opinion, food supplements fairly well dosed in green tea since they contain 850 mg of green tea or about 100 mg of EGCG, knowing that you can take 2 per day , so go up 200 mg of EGCG, which is already pretty good.

Many other fat burners use green tea, but very often in too small quantities to really play a role in weight loss.

acai green tea bauer

Thus, the complement of the Bauer laboratory, composed of green tea combined with acai berry, has only 630 mg of green tea per capsule, so enough little EGCG in the end.

But you benefit from benefits Acai (especially in terms of antioxidants), so it can be worth it!

Scitec Nutrition's Shredex supplement contains caffeine, green tea, garcinia cambogia and L-Carnitine, but only 8.97 mg of EGCG. Not top in terms of green tea, but you benefit from other substances that work in synergy, including L-Carnitine.

Finally, you may have also heard about Phen24, with its tablets day and night to lose weight. The pill for the night contains green tea, however we have not managed to find how much.

Green tea, a partner
to lose weight

To conclude, say that green tea is true to its reputation. Fat burner, antioxidant, anti-infectious, green tea is ideal for losing weight and brings real results, provided you take a sufficient dose.

green tea sufficient amount

Here is what you need to remember about green tea if you want to lose weight:

  • Green tea contains catechin (EGCG) and caffeine that boost metabolism and dislodge fat.
  • Along with caffeine and regular physical exercise, green tea gets its tenfold effects.
  • Taken reasonably, green tea does not cause side effects.
  • Most studies show that green tea is effective in losing weight.
  • However, 400 to 500 mg of EGCG are needed to feel the effects of green tea on weight loss.
  • To drink, matcha green tea, much richer in catechin than the classic green tea, is in our opinion the best green tea to lose weight (in particular that of Vegavero).
  • Tablets and green tea-based fat burners are often not concentrated enough in EGCG, the most concentrated being, to our knowledge, the Earth Nutrition Green Tea Extract. If you have to resort to a food supplement based on green tea to lose weight, this is the one we recommend.

So, did green tea convince you? You tried to lose weight with green tea and want to share your experience? Feel free to comment this article to give us your opinion!

Does green tea make you lose weight? What science says! | CLAIM YOUR FREE BOTTLE !
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