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Used since 1921 for the treatment of theepilepsy, the diet ketogenic (or diet Keto) has recently been updated by nutritionists, in the context of dieting. Ketogenic nutrition is the traditional diet of Inuit, Maasai and tribes Native American.

Diet keto is a diet high in fat, but low in carbohydrates. It is about replacing carbohydrates (including processed carbohydrates) with lipids and proteins that must constitute at least 75% and 20% of what we consume. But what exact quantity should be attributed to the term "poor"?

What does a ketogenic diet contain?

A ketogenic diet or low carb diet consists of three levels, depending on the degree of requirements. The first is the "normal" low carbohydrate diet, which contains between 100 and 150 g per day. This value corresponds to a return to the amount of carbohydrates consumed by prehistoric hunter-gatherers. The recipes for low carb diet are simple. Here, you must eat fruits, nuts, seeds, and a portion of carbohydrates (oats, quinoa, buckwheat, etc.) from time to time. You can also eat a little bread, pasta, potatoes or rice every day. The second level is the intensive low carbohydrate diet, between 50 and 100 g per day. In this case, your only sources of carbohydrates are vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and a serving of oats. Pasta, potatoes and rice are virtually excluded. Is it tenable? Wait to see, the hardest is coming. Finally, we have the extremely low carbohydrate diet, which is between 20 and 50 grams a day. This scheme requires a lot of effort from you. You can only eat very low carbohydrate foods such as vegetables, nuts and seeds. This is the form of low carb diet that offers the best results in terms of fat burning!

At first sight, it seems paradoxical to want to lose weight by consuming more lipids, which are usually associated with being overweight. This is not always true … In fact, to lose weight, diets low in carbohydrates are much more effective than diets low in fat. More importantly, a low carbohydrate diet is also easier to maintain than a low fat diet. Moreover, studies show that by consuming 300 more calories a day, a low carbohydrate diet allows a weight loss 18% faster than a diet low in fat.

How does this diet make you lose weight?

A low carbohydrate diet or low carb diet makes it "melt" for many reasons. Usually, the body gets its energy from carbohydrates. In the ketogenic diet, carbohydrate intake being extremely poor, the body draws in its stores of carbohydrates stored in the muscles and liver called reserves of "glycogen". At this point, weight loss is largely a loss of water. When glycogen stores are depleted, the body begins to use lipids or fats to produce energy. You then fall into a state of "ketosis". This condition causes a marked decrease in appetite. The feeling of satiety leads to consuming fewer calories, resulting in weight loss. Note also that during ketosis, the body is forced to go from burning sugar (glucose that is obtained carbohydrates) to burning fat!

It will take you from heart to work

It is good to know that the ketogenic diet can be accompanied by unpleasant side effects, such as bad breath, flu (ketogenic) or constipation. In addition, Keto diet is very demanding. If you inadvertently consume too much carbohydrate and leave the ketosis, it will take you up to thirty days to recover your condition. It's like Sisyphus and his big stone …

As you can see, the Keto method is very restrictive. Therefore, any candidate for this regime must be armed with a will to any test or an unshakeable reason to do so (epilepsy for example).

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Diet Keto: Is it more restrictive than any other diet? | DISCOUNT CODE !
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