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Neighborhood nest | Photo of Marissa Couch | Wright's State Warden

Located in downtown Fairborn, Ohio, The Neighbor Nest is a gluten-free bakery that has been specializing in the area for about two years.

The Nest Nest is managed by Amber Tipton of New Carlisle, Ohio. She has hundreds of recipes, but guests are often the source of inspiration.

"I always say that I do what I do because I give people something that a health problem has taken away from them. One of the first people I make a birthday cake is celiac for 22 years and has not had her grandmother's strawberry cake for 22 years. I gave it back to him, "said Tipton.

During his last years of culinary school, Tipton received his diagnosis of celiac disease.

"I had a pastry class and a chef who let me bring in about 70 pounds of supplies a week to try gluten-free and something clicked. I continued to tweak as we went along, "said Tipton.

"Every time my mom comes in and cries because her child can literally take anything on all the shelves, I have a purpose, then," Tipton said.

The Neighborhood Nest supplies in several locations offering a market for gluten-free products. This includes: Lefty's, This Guy's Coffee in Springboro, Unlimited Health Foods, Butter Cafe, Glow Juice Bar, Justin's Health Options and Scratch, as well as Ashe and Mantle according to the seasons.

The bakery is not only gluten free, but is also proud to face other allergies and health problems.

"We are working very hard to make a day of cooking with nuts. After that, we disinfect the kitchen. The situation is the same with dairy products, "said Tipton. "We try to choose one day to make dairy-free products to avoid any risk of mixing milk. Everything becomes a sticker; the thumbnail will follow it from beginning to end so that nothing is mixed. "

All that Tipton does has a health base; while believing that the keto is a fashionable diet, she thinks it has health benefits.

"Keto is excellent for diabetics. The keto diet was developed about 40 years ago for seizure disorders. Those who suffer from this disorder and participate in the keto, this greatly reduces the seizures, "said Tipton. "The diet also helps to eradicate cancer faster in the body and facilitates chemotherapy. Because it contains no grain or sugar, it is really useful with rich proteins and good fats to help fight cancer. "

The cook cooked since childhood, as it was a family tradition. The Neighborhood logo uses her aunt's mixer that she always has at home.

"There is always someone who comes and says, '' That's it, I've really missed it since I was a kid, '' said Tipton. "It never leaves me in mind, so the next time I'm bored of trying recipes, these are the ones I'm going to try. It's my goal, what can I give to the people they miss? Tipton said.

Before opening the Fairborn site, Tipton worked for three years outside the home and at farmers' markets. She raised her children by creating baby food and pastries from scratch.

Anthony Bourdain has an excellent quote: "I am a chef, I am not your nutritionist and I am not your conscience. "I'm a chef, so my goal is to feed you good food, I can not help you if you do not control yourself," said Tipton.

Dayton's Not Dead: the neighborhood nest | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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