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Each of the supplements of the Complete Series has been formulated thanks to the expertise of our internal product development team with the sole objective of establishing itself as the market leader of sports nutrition in terms of cost, taste and result. Our work does not stop there – we manufacture Complete Series products in our own state-of-the-art production facility to keep total visibility and control over product quality. You will also notice throughout our complete series that we tell you precisely what we use and how much for each product.

This is a rare thing in the supplement industry, with most companies hiding behind proprietary blends. Exclusive blends are composed of various ingredients but do not specify how much they are actually present. This allows unscrupulous companies to use only minute amounts of ingredients in a product to be able to claim it on the label.

Unlike these practices, Complete Series products have absolutely nothing to hide and to be clear, we are proud of each of our products. We tell you exactly what goes where and in what quantity. You have the right to know what you eat – and we make sure of it for you.

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