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In this review of PUREFIT KETO, I want to highlight a few Interesting facts sure this particular supplement.

I can not emphasize this point too much:

There is dozens of weight loss supplements, so called "miracle products" and powders that promise instant and immense fat burning with minimal effort.

I've personally tried at least a dozen.

But, is there a product that really works?

. is renamed .but it is essentially the same product, so this review is still topical !!! (The free bottle offer is always active)

In fact, there are few that I've tried and it worked, but most do nothing at all (I've seen reports of consumers indicating that some products marketed for keto dietary diets can even be dangerous for your health)

here is quick recap if you do not have time to read all my article:

. the product works according to its users and my personal experience, because of its BHB mix. You can use their current promo . (Get 1 or 2 FREE bottles) and try for yourself.

I recently ran into some products it strikes you with incredible claims and promises to have everything.

Sadly, Not a lot Work as advertised.

Purefit Keto has not been featured on Shark Tank or Dragon's Den if you wonder! And this is not claimed as such on their website at the time of writing this article!

This supplement has existed for a few years. So I decided to do research and I wanted to know if Purefit for the weight loss formula worked as advertised and could help lose weight and not. another scam or overvalued product that can cause nausea, like the one listed here -> (Just read these comments here – especially the first)

In addition, I answer the mysterious question: Shark Tank PurefitKeto, an episode: has this already happened?

Have you ever seen PurefitKeto supplement at Dragon's Den or was it a fake?

(I've already added a few lines above because I continue to receive emails with the same question)

Is this something you could take advantage of or throw in instead?

Here is my recommended alternative product – Why?

  • Well-known brand with enthusiastic fans
  • Proven reliable results
  • Gold Standard for many
  • Effective / Safe long term
  • Excellent customer service
  • Price (see if the discount is still available)
  • Helps with ketosis and fat burning!



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What is Purefit Keto?

Purefit KETO is a supplement that gives you the following benefits: burning fat and falling into ketosis without having to change your food choices.

It's great, but you have to be very careful not to get into the hype too much.

KETO Purefit includes BHB calcium, BHB magnesium and BHB sodium in a patented blend adding 800 mg per capsule. PurefitKETO is a diet supplement that promises weight loss, a perfect BHB formula and an improved lifestyle within 30 days.

It has become an incredibly popular weight loss tool that can naturally propel you into a state of instant fat burning.

PureFit bottle Keto

Now, as all dieticians know, getting into ketosis and staying there can take a lot of work and discipline.

You may be wondering what the PurefitKeto results are and if there is any approved science behind the product.

I'll talk about it later …

If you do, you are not the only one.

For other additional information, you can call them. you can find the contact number of PurefitKeto on BBB at this link
Nevertheless, I could not find a specific location for the PurefitKeto Customer Service phone number on their own website.

Has it ever been featured on the Shark Tank episode?

I've already answered the question above, and it seems like they may have used a marketing company in the past to market their products and decided to include the same. picture of one of the episodes. It's not here now!

Let's talk about the elephant in the room: a PurefitKeto already been featured on Shark Tank?
It has not been so easy to answer because there is a lot of misleading information on the Internet.
I managed to get to the bottom of things after thorough research.

There has never been a Shark Tank Keto episode with this product. According to the Better Business Bureau,

"BBB has confirmed that the images appearing on the PureFit KETO website were taken from a separate episode of Shank Tank not mentioning PureFit KETO.

Shark TV Episode

Internal searches did not locate any Shark Tank episodes containing PureFit KETO. "

Any information available on the PurefitKeto Shark Tank Weight Loss Supplement?

Take a look at what is the Purefit Keto Shark Tank, yes, that's what we call it). I do not think this product is a scam, but with Shark Tank's big buzz, it might be hard to trust a company that would at some point have provided misleading information.

The product may not be a miracle pill ( if you have followed a keto diet, you know it's a tough job )

This does not mean, however, that this supplement should not help fight ketosis and fat burning!

remember that . is renamed . but it's essentially the same product !!!

PurefitKeto Ingredients

The BHB blend consists of magnesium, calcium and sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate, for a total of 800 mg per capsule.

  • Anhydrous caffeine (50% extract)

To answer all those who wonder: Does PurefitKeto have caffeine?Yes, it contains caffeine.

The first of the three fillers, magnesium stearate, has no other role in this supplement. This does not affect the effectiveness of PurefitKeto pills.

Although rice flour is high in protein and is an excellent alternative to gluten flour, it is simply used as a feed in this supplement.

Used as an anti-caking agent, this ingredient has no other function in the mixture.

Although gelatin plays no role in the effectiveness of this product and facilitates the use of capsules, it is certainly a disadvantage for all vegans who are looking for an appropriate supplement in their diet.


Efficacy of the Purefit Keto supplement?

Let's answer the most important question of this review: PurefitKeto; does it really work?

BHB Salts
Caffeine helps reduce cravings.
In addition to gelatin, three other ingredients act as fillers.
The BHB salts would supposedly make all the magic burning of fats, but I'm not quite convinced that the 800 mg of this magic powder actually propels you into acetosis. According to some consumer reports, this is a wasteful product that is not worth a dime, but I personally think it is based on a lot of scientific data.

The reviews of Purefit Keto on Amazon are mixed.

Users say that it works, without any bad taste, it propels them directly into the ketosis!

In some online videos on Purefit Keto, people are encouraging you to follow a low carb diet if you want to get results while completing your treatment with PurefitKeto, which you already know if you follow a ketogenic diet.

Here's what some customers say:

What are the side effects of PurefitKeto?

There are side effects with a number of exogenous keto supplements (here), and this product is no exception.

When taking BHB salts, expect to experience:

  • Frequent urination (most common side effect, BHB salts sometimes cause users to urinate more often than normal)
  • Flatulence (even if it is not dangerous, it is unpleasant.The problem should disappear with time)
  • Gastric distress (once your body gets used to the supplement, you no longer have a stomach upset – start with a small dose and increase your intake over time, giving your body time to adjust) .


The size and price of the product are competitive. Given the other brands and other exogenous ketones, it may be the best value for money, but you have to pull the trigger to try it.

Compared to Pruvit and Perfect Keto, PureFit is a bit expensive (without promo). At the end of the day, you pay for your health and your weight loss, which is difficult to evaluate and it is never useless to try.

Final words: Does PurefitKeto work or not?

Although PurefitKeto seems to be a very valuable and effective weight loss supplement, the very idea, as well as the product, seems a bit dishonest and suspicious of the past (nothing that I found dishonest at the time to write these lines)

Does it work

Many people are happy with the supplement and I feel personally more energetic and less hungry, influencing my mood and possibly losing weight. but some people think that there are better brands on the market from which you can choose.

I also use some reputable alternative brands and also offer high quality products and open on their ingredients, their missions and their terms of payment.

I found some guest comments that PurefitKeto has monthly billed them back without their consent! (Update: Seems to happen to a few people but not by fault on the part of the company)

If I had to choose a brand, I would recommend Try this supplement Out or you can also use the brand Perfect Keto, which I like too.
Finally, it's up to you!

PK specifically target ketogenic food supplements and develop formulas and products supported by research, testing and a considerable number of satisfied customers.

Perfect Keto baseIn other words, they are very reliable and you can even save money when ordering.

For additional discounts, you can use the available promo code and save money on your Perfect Keto products! (see below)

PureFit seems to prove its value on the basis of my personal experience and anecdotal evidence, and I would recommend trying it. I would definitely like to try and at the same time stick with a mark such as Perfect Keto

You can use their current promo . get 1 or 2 FREE bottles and see if it works for you. That could be right.

Recommended replacement product: Perfect Keto

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