Chipotle presents vegan and vegan bowls | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

After targeting people on a keto or paleo diet, Chipotle is keen on vegetarians.

The fast casual Monday chain has expanded its new range of diet-based bowls to include vegan and vegetarian options. Lifestyle bowls were launched earlier this year with Whole30 and double meals, as well as keto and paleo bowls.

Lifestyle bowls are a way for Chipotle to become known to a wide range of health-focused customers, especially when it bounces back after the E. coli and norovirus alerts of a few years ago. And vegetarian and vegan options could help educate an increasingly important clientele.

Chipotle introduced for the first time its vegan protein option, Sofritas, in 2014. Sofritas' demand has continued to grow, the company said. Last year he cooked 7.5 million pounds of Sofritas. Vegetarian and vegan meals accounted for about 12% of all lunches sold at Chipotle in 2018.

"We have found that many people are looking for more and more herbal protein options," said Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer of Chipotle. Bowls do not contain new vegan or vegetarian ingredients. They are only available as preconfigured options on the Chipotle website or mobile application.

Taco Bell recently tried a similar tactic.

In January, Taco Bell announced a plan to test a vegetarian menu that would highlight the restaurant's current vegetarian options, including tacos, tostadas burritos and crunchwraps. Putting all meatless dishes on a menu should help vegetarians see their options, Taco Bell explained.

For Chipotle, lifestyle bowls are a way to not only attract vegetarian consumers, but also to create positive brand hype.

Brian Niccol, President and Chief Executive Officer, said during a conference call on financial results that the lifestyle had a great resonance with consumers. Chief Financial Officer John Hartung said the bowls "create a lot of buzz and interest."

"The idea here is to really point out again that Chipotle may be an option for virtually every plan," said Sharon Zackfia, restaurant analyst for the William Blair Asset Manager Research Group. . By raising awareness of the many different regimes with which Chipotle is compatible, it "eliminates the veto factor," she said.

Chipotle has come a long way since he's suffered from an epidemic of E. Coli, which reached 60 Chipotle customers in 14 sick states in late 2015 and early 2016.

Now, customers are coming back. In 2018, the company recorded an increase in its revenues of 8.7% compared to the previous year. Sales at restaurants that have been open for at least a year have jumped 4% over this period and digital sales jumped 42.4%.

To contribute to the recovery, Chipotle has rolled out its "for real" marketing campaign that highlights the ingredients and offers transparency in its operations, streamlines its collection options, expands delivery services and makes its production lines more effective, among others.

Chipotle presents vegan and vegan bowls | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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