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Although SoupeSoup's name will probably remain on her skin, Caroline Dumas tries to switch to her latest baby, just named Caroline, an open-air restaurant located in the heart of the Mile End, where it is good to stop.

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It is bright and warm, this beautiful Caroline installed in the former Soup Soupe Mile-End, with its shelves brimming with books classified by colors, her plants, her large mural and windows covering the corner of Maguire and The streets of Casgrain, leaving a subdued light, even in this moribund month of November.

Without fanfare, the friendly cook installed her quarters in May, while continuing in parallel with her other project, The Bloomfield, for the moment only open for weekend brunches, the restaurant having lost its leader this summer. No, undertaking the restoration is far from easy.

In Caroline, the restorer carries this project where, one feels, she puts all her heart. The proposal is simple and is based on what others still call "Madame SoupeSoup", who knows best: a no-frills, comforting and tasty cuisine.


Caroline offers unpretentious, comforting and tasty cuisine.

Open only during the day and week, the place brings together passers-by, residents and local workers who come to have a coffee and savor some of the excellent home-made cakes, which have delighted us all: unemployed pudding, huge chocolate biscuits, "pie whoopie" With the pumpkin deliciously scented, square with lemon or with the financial matcha … This is not the choice, nor the quality that is missing from this register.

Others stop there to swallow a hearty breakfast – raisin sandwiches, yogurt with granola and berries – or at lunch time, for a lunch that, without reinventing the formula, offers several interesting options for all tastes and that can be modified at will by adding proteins and other extras: sandwiches and salads of the day, grilled cheese, bowls, rolled of the sea …

Not to mention, obviously, two or three choices of soups of the day, which often vary. Because we can take the Madame de SoupeSoup, but not the soups of the lady! The one we tasted, a classic vegetable soup in which pieces of squash, carrots and zucchini were floating in a tasty broth, was very simple but extremely comforting.

From keto to hot dishes


Two or three choices of soups of the day are offered.

One of the peculiarities of the place is that Caroline Dumas offers some "keto" options, having herself adopted this type of diet, called ketogenic or low carb, for a while.

It is also on the keto bowl that we aim our passage. Here, the cauliflower, raw and finely reduced into a "couscous" robot, serves as a base for this invigorating dish where green beans and crisp red peppers coexist, red cabbage in strips, edamame beans, coriander leaves, accompanied by the proteins of the day – generous slices of chicken breast – and homemade mayonnaise to coat everything. A somewhat heterogeneous mix, but overall, that could have benefited from a little more research to achieve greater harmony of flavors. Next time, we may be more interested in the Jerusalem Bowl, with its Mediterranean flavors and ingredients.

For the cold season, the Carolina also offers hot dishes where, again, the degree of comfort is high. The butter chicken, with its aroma revealing the many spices in its composition, was delicious. the vegetarian pepper, with its vegetables and black beans, was just as satisfying. Again, we are not reinventing anything, but we are doing it well, generously, and that is what gives its identity to this place.

We feel it, the formula of Caroline will be called to clarify with the time. Thus, the wine list was not yet very elaborate at the time of our visit, but it is promising with a selection focused on natural juices. The venue has also recently launched an appetizer formula, Thursdays and Fridays, in which we promise plates of cold cuts, cheeses and other platters to nibble, but it remains to be seen if a more elaborate menu will be offered to those who want a meal more coherent.


Some excellent homemade cakes

But even if it is only to taste again its home-made dishes made with love, its soups and its delicious desserts, and to stick a jazzy with a always voluble owner, the place is worth to be discovered. And, by grace, when you meet her, call her by her first name, simply: Caroline.

Our verdict

We pay: Very affordable prices, which will not empty your wallet: 5 to 9.95 USD for lunch, 5 to 14.95 USD for lunch, less than 5 USD for pastries and other treats.

We drink: coffee and several hot beverages, including beetroot milk with beetroot or "Bulletproof" coffee, a natural wine list concocted by sommelier Sylvain Rubin (Mas Que Vino).

We feel: Immediately well and warmly welcomed by the friendly staff in this beautiful, inclusive and versatile space, with a relaxed atmosphere, where you can spend your travels, study, do work meetings, relax while reading a book … Note that the Space can be rented for private events in the evening.


Unemployed pudding, huge chocolate cookies, "whoopie" pie with deliciously scented pumpkin, lemon squares or matcha financier … The supply is plentiful.

We like: The space, the soups, the homemade pastries, a kitchen made with love.

We like less: some dishes could be more sought after, inaccuracies in the offer.

We go back ? Certainly.

Carolina. 5333 Casgrain Avenue, No. 101, Montreal.

Caroline, still standing | OFFER OF A LIMITED DURATION! – The top 5 best weight loss solutions | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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