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Help me! I can not swallow pills; can I open my Garcinia tablets and take them this way?

I've tried all kinds of methods – filling my mouth with water, putting a tablet of ice cream trying to swallow – but all the time, I have air to gag.

Does this story remind you of something?

Well, you are not alone. Rest assured that many people share your problem.

But before you rush to open your Garcinia tablet, we recommend that you start by trying out the following simple tips.

Tips for Swallowing Garcinia Cambogia Pills

Take garcinia pills

It is quite difficult to swallow a solid substance without chewing it; it may seem against natural reflexes.

But since swallowing pills will probably be part of your health routine, it's important that you try to practice swallowing pills.

For example, you can try several angles while swallowing.

Some tips, including old techniques, can help you master this important lifestyle.

Tips for taking pills easily

Tip A Take a deep breath before placing the capsule in your mouth.

It is generally thought that this suppresses natural reflexes.

Tip Two – Place the pill on the back of your tongue, then take a sip of water.

Tilt your chin towards your chest and swallow immediately.

Tip Three – Place the capsule on the tip of the tongue, take a sip of water, tilt your head back and then swallow

Sometimes the combination of some of the tips mentioned above could give you a cure. If none of the three tips help you, it's time to consider broader issues, such as:

Are you too tense just before putting the capsule in your mouth?

If so, then keep in mind that tension tends to result in a nauseated reflex. You will want to rely on the power of your mind to overcome problems of this nature.

Try to overcome the tension by repeating these words: "I can swallow that, I can swallow that" or "I can see the pill go down. "

Or maybe you have unconsciously to deal with psychological problems that made you hate swallowing tablets. Maybe your problem has something to do with a past event.

  • Did you strangle something many years ago?
  • Has anyone forced you to swallow bitter pills when you were young?

Well, it is likely that your mind unconsciously deals with problems of this nature. So, it becomes difficult to swallow pills.

The last tip to help you swallow pills in full would be to talk to a doctor.

Dysphagia is a medical problem related to difficulty swallowing. If you think this might be the reason for your problem, you may consider talking to a doctor.

However, keep in mind that if you can swallow solid foods without any problems, your food pipe may work well and the resolution of your problem may simply be to change your thinking into tablets and pills. pills.

In fact, I found this very informative video on Youtube that tells you how to properly swallow a pill.

Should I open my Garcinia Cambogia tablets?

In the end, we finally come back to your question: should I open my Garcinia tablet for easier ingestion? Well, yes, you can!

Garcinia capsules are made of gelatin. As you probably know, gelatin plays no role in the mechanism of administration of Garcinia Cambogia – like other slow release coatings.

So, it is perfectly correct to take the powder.

You may not like the tangy taste, so it would be great to drink plenty of water. Above all, make sure to swallow all the extract in your mouth.

What is gelatin made of?

Gelatin is made from animal jelly after prolonged boiling. The main reason pharmacists use gelatin capsules is that they ensure long shelf life and ease of ingestion. In addition, gelatin is very soluble in water and thus disintegrates easily once in the stomach.

A few minutes after ingestion, the capsule is dissolved and the extract is released into your digestive system to be absorbed.

There is no problem opening your tablet if you have problems swallowing it. – provided you swallow the extract with a lot of water.

Otherwise, we encourage you to make good use of the tips in the first part of this article to avoid any problem by swallowing pills (not just Garcinia pills).

That said, I would like to ask you a quick question if you allow me: Have you tried the garcinia personally and start seeing results?

If so, I would like to hear from you. So please leave a comment below to share your experience!

Also, if you have not tried Garcinia yet and are thinking about it, check out our review of the best brands we recommend.

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Can I open my Garcinia tablets and take them as well? Will it work? | CLAIM YOUR FREE BOTTLE !
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