Braless Kim Kardashian jumps pants and shows the legs and legs of Instagram | DISCOUNT CODE !

Kim Kardashian left her bra in the drawer and her pants in the closet to show her bust, her soft thighs and her long legs to Instagram as part of a strict diet.

Kim Kardashian apparently decided that the hot weather meant not needing trousers!

By giving up her bra and pants, Kardashian warms Instagram by showing off her impressive bust, toned thighs and long legs on a new photo.

Kim Kardashian just uses a journal on the thighs and legs (because who needs shorts?)

Who needs a pair of pants … or shorts … or skirts?

Not Kim Kardashian!

Kim shared two new photos on Instagram.

The first Kardashian watch taking a newspaper to partially cover her thighs and legs.

Uh, the paper does not do a very good job, with the great photo that drives a fan to write that Kanye West is a lucky guy!

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The other picture shows Kim showing a hint of sideboob while she's posing in the same suit. Extra, really extra!

Kim Kardashian maintains his diet to whistle on social media

Whether she is nude or in a bikini or, as in her last outfit, which uses a newspaper as a cover, Kardashian always looks fabulous.

Although Kim has recently changed her diet before the Met Gala to adopt a vegan weight loss diet like Beyonce, Kardashian has been turning for years to the ketogenic diet high in fats and carbohydrates.

After the birth of her two babies (the other two were born to surrogate mothers), Kim had pregnancy pounds to lose. In his own words, Kardashian used the Atkins diet, sometimes called the keto diet, to lose weight.

His diet insists on:

  • Protein: Kim has consumed three to four servings of protein a day to lose 60 pounds after her first baby.
  • Selected carbohydrates: Kardashian has opted for high fiber carbohydrates, such as selected vegetables and fruits, such as berries.
  • Healthy fats: from nuts to avocado, Kim liked some types of fats, especially unsaturated fats.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian wearing a newspaper rather than a pair of pants? Could this start a new stylistic trend (be careful: do not try this in the rain!). Share your points of view below in our comments section.

Braless Kim Kardashian jumps pants and shows the legs and legs of Instagram | DISCOUNT CODE !
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