Better weight loss: an intermittent fasting diet can help burn fat quickly | DISCOUNT CODE !

Whatever the reason, weight loss is a concern for many Britons and there are many ways to get results. Having a quick search online will bring up a lot of different diet plans that all promise to help you defeat the bulge. A popular diet is intermittent fasting, which limits the days or hours during which a thinner person is allowed to eat. This can be a great way to gain height, but many slimmers miss out on their goals by making a common mistake, an expert explained.

What can you eat?

The intermittent fasting diet can be followed in different ways, said Harry Aitken, sports scientist and head coach at Auster Fitness, at

He said: "Intermittent fasting is a food technique in which all foods are consumed in a relatively short period of time.

"Typically, it starts with an 18-hour fast window. If you dine at 7 pm, you fast until 1 pm, after which you will eat until 7 pm, and the cycle will repeat itself. "

As long as dieters follow the timescale and eat in the window of their choice, they can choose the types of foods they consume, but it is best to stick to healthy foods.

"The ideal is to have healthy, nutritious and nutrient-rich foods. A lot of vegetables, good protein and carbohydrates, "explained Harry.

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What should you avoid doing?

However, for dieters who follow the plan and struggle to lose weight, they must pay attention to the time they leave their window.

He said: "If you eat a big meal just before going to bed, your stomach will not contract overnight.

"It's busy digesting food while you sleep, and as your metabolism slows down overnight, it's digested more slowly, which means it takes longer. If you've ever wondered why you're hungry in the morning after a big meal, here's why.

"Typically, your stomach digests all the food, then contracts, because it contains nothing, and you wake up with a small stomach, without being hungry.

"While eating a big meal, it does not go down overnight, and you wake up with a big stomach that moans for food."

This means that thin ones may be less likely to eat too much after trying intermittent fasting.

Better weight loss: an intermittent fasting diet can help burn fat quickly | DISCOUNT CODE !
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