Best of Phoenix 2019: The best restaurants in the valley | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

Need a recommendation for dinner on Saturday night? How about a good breakfast? Maybe a night place, too. Instead of scrolling through Yelp's completely crazy virtual asylum halls or sending a text message to your fellow gadabout, take a look at our winners of the Best of Phoenix restaurants of 2019. From the best restaurant to the best patio, from the best Thai cuisine to the best authentic restaurant in Arizona, here are our 2019 leaders.

Best restaurant

Binkley's Restaurant
2320 East Osborn Road

Even through the fantastic river of high-end wine, beer and sake that accompanies this glass, a meal at Binkley's is an obvious memory in your memory long after the busy night. Structured as a dinner at a friend's house, this meal will allow you to discover our winners of Best of Phoenix 2019 restaurants in Phoenix. From the best restaurant to the best patio, from the best Thai cuisine to the best authentic restaurant in Arizona, here are our 2019 frontrunners.egins on the patio for a few classes, moves into the bar room and ends in the cozy room formal dining. At any time during your meal, you can get up and walk around the bungalow where the magic is revealed regularly, under the spell of Kevin Binkley, Amy Binkley and their extremely competent staff. You can even go to the kitchen and watch the chefs cook, please. Binkley is an inspiring talent that combines pastrami sliders in micro-lamb, apples in chimichurri, Hokkaido scallops poached for 38 seconds and a carnival of small plates playful and perfectly executed, about two dozen. A meal at Binkley is like a trip to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, but for adults who love food and who appreciate the living genius.

Tamara Stanger and sous chef Cotton & Copper, Nolan Barth, with fresh mesquite pods.DEVELOP

Tamara Stanger and sous chef Cotton & Copper, Nolan Barth, with fresh mesquite pods.

Chris Malloy

Best place to take a gourmet

Cotton and copper
1006 East Warner Road, No. 113, Tempe

Although not centrally located in the bustling downtown Phoenix or bustling Melrose area, Cotton & Copper is a jewel of the dining destination that lies northeast of rural and Warner Roads. This 50 seat South Tempe restaurant and bar supervised by Chef Tamara Stanger offers fine dishes and cocktails in the style of Arizona. Food lovers may be interested in knowing how many ingredients contained in Stanger dishes originate from the Sonoran Desert. Heck, even the name of the restaurant ticks off two of the five "C's" from Arizona. In addition to the progressive cuisine style of Arizonan's Cotton & Copper, bartender Sean Traynor prepares homemade cocktails in the lounge-style bar, including the unmistakable Agua Caliente.

Italian beef at Hush Public House north of Scottsdale.DEVELOP

Italian beef at Hush Public House north of Scottsdale.

J. Mercandetti Photo

Best new restaurant

Hush Public House
14202 North Scottsdale Road, No. 167, Scottsdale

Many of our Best of Phoenix categories are close calls. Not this one. Opened by Dom Ruggiero and Charles Barber in February, Hush Public House has always offered A-Plus dishes. Barber has come up with a classic cocktail-based beverage program, and runs the front of the house with the bonhomie and familiarity of an old college friend, grown up and moved on to something else. Ruggiero has proved to a wide audience what his followers already knew: it is a rare talent whose food overflows with heart and soul. Every evening, he displays his mastery of combinations of plant and animal flavors, terrestrial and marine, giant, smoked and Chilean, as well as subtle balances (peas, strawberry, salty cheese, pepper, olive oil). Barely half a year later, many dishes already look like consecrated classics – the "Italian beef" skewer and the chicken liver mousse foremost. The best thing about Hush is his youth and the quality of this restaurant that could already become 10/10.

Nepali Mom from Everest Momo.DEVELOP

Nepali Mom from Everest Momo.

Chris Malloy

Best food truck

Everest Momo

Subash Yadav's food comes from northern India and Nepal, his parents' country, crossing the border as freely as his truck crosses the valley. His most popular plate? the mum, a rarity in this part of the world. Yadav fills his Himalayan meatballs with chicken, beef or vegetables. They are abundantly spiced with ginger, turmeric and other warm aromas. The sloping walls of these Nepali-style dumplings are thick and rich, revealing warm, tender interiors and intense flavors extended by coriander and chilli sauce. Make sure to order them if you see the blue and white truck, and be sure to complement them with Yadav's other memorable offers, such as mango. lassi with cardamom and saffron. Yadav is just starting. He's looking to expand his menu – and his mum styles – at Everest Momo.

Anhelo Restaurant in the house Silva on the place of the inheritance.DEVELOP

Anhelo Restaurant in the house Silva on the place of the inheritance.

Jackie Mercandetti

Best reboot

Anhelo Restaurant
628 East Adams Street

The old Heritage Square Rose & Crown building has recently been transformed into Anhelo, a fun restaurant run by chef Ivan Jacobo, 28 years old. Until he rewired the lighting and reconditioned the floors of this place, refreshing the structure while preserving the charm of the old, Jacobo piloted a pop-up worship called Hidden Kitchen. The whimsical ambiance of this past business is reflected in the space of the old building, restored by some unusual Jacobo ideas. Give to charity. Operation with almost no fridge space. Get out of his way to compost. Plating of a ceviche that does not present marine life but cubes of watermelon. Coating Caesar salad with a cheese couverture. Place a bunch of scallops on one of the points of a ring of sweet potatoes tracing the edge of the dish. And prepare some of the most surprising desserts you can find today, such as granitas and pavlovas with marinated strawberries, and a cold scoop of salted caramel ice cream, striped with honey and surrounded by bindings to transform you into a child. .

Visit MacAlpine's Diner & Soda Fountain, it's like going back in time.DEVELOP

Visit MacAlpine's Diner & Soda Fountain, it's like going back in time.

Lauren Cusimano

Best time machine until the fifties

MacAlpine & Diner & Soda Fountain
2303 seventh street north

MacAlpine's is an iconic place on the edge of downtown Phoenix that seems to have never aged for 60 years. There are red kiosks, jukeboxes and an antique store (you can buy saddle shoes!) Attached to the restaurant, with endless syrup options and ice cream sodas available to order with funny names referring to pop culture. The staff is wearing those pink robes that you will not see anywhere else; Essentially, this dessert paradise is like living when Tobey Maguire arrives in Pleasantville, except that it's not black and white – it's all in color, but just as beautiful. So, spend a quarter in the jukebox, order a soda and a pie, chat with the friendly staff and forget the current year. The 50's are just around the corner.

Cartwright's Brett Vibber ferments the miso glans. These are pasta with acorn miso, acorn butter and acorn flour.DEVELOP

Cartwright's Brett Vibber ferments the miso glans. These are pasta with acorn miso, acorn butter and acorn flour.

Chris Malloy

Best authentic restaurant in Arizona

Cartwright's modern kitchen
6710 East Creek Creek Road, Cave Creek

Have you ever made a juice with preserved ocotillo flowers? How about White Sonora pasta mixed with miso, made from Gambel oak acorns, grown in the Payson Forest? St Jacques and fermented blueberry paste? No? How about pickled palo verde sprouts with a taste for capers? When you order properly from Cartwright at Cave Creek (tip: tasting menu), you are eating in a radical and galvanizing sphere, different from what we expect from our gourmet scene, but essential to eating in our state in 2019. What's up? it's about ga & # 39; ivsa and navajo steamed corn mingling with line-caught fish or a clever composition gnawing through a touch of saguaro jam, Chef Brett's creations Vibber takes you through groves, lava forests and pine forests beyond the city. He leads his kitchen team in the backcountry looking for ingredients like sumac and wild grapes. Many are marinated, jammy, dried or otherwise preserved for a chosen use well beyond their seasons. Over the last few years, Vibber has grown and perfected his foraging program, which is exciting for this pioneer of New Arizona cuisine. Eating at Cartwright, is eating in Arizona.

The best breakfast is served at Harlow's Cafe in Tempe.

The best breakfast is served at Harlow's Cafe in Tempe.

Patricia Escarcega

Best breakfast

Harlow & # 39; s Cafe
1021 West University Drive, Tempe

Harlow's Cafe welcomes every morning an imaginable urge to eat: a cup of joe, a quick and healthy beer, a plump and hearty skin, and chorizo ​​and eggs can be the best cure for the hangover from the state. Oh, and if you like the dog's hair, find comfort in the fact that Harlow has recently added alcohol to the menu. This experience is all you can want from a classic local diner open to business for over 40 years. Everything is made from the fatty cores of Arizona's love, from the Pancho platter (pancakes, eggs and bacon or sausage) to the Percy omelette (onion, garlic, pepper, tomato, sausage) and cheese).

Windsor has a Bloody Mary cart that is here to impress.DEVELOP

Windsor has a Bloody Mary cart that is here to impress.

Ascending projects

Best brunch

5223 North Central Avenue

The safest way to win the debate with your friends on the choice to heal the wounds of your holiday and remember the night before is a must brunch after a long night of laughter and libations. Let's face it: Brunch is mainly about calming a hangover that calls your immediate attention to the howling depths of your heart. In such a state of fragility, you want to know that you are going to a place devoid of discernment and unshakable with regard to the quality of the food, alcohol and the atmosphere. We understood. Your demonic hangover requires a shady patio, a bar to make your own Bloody Mary, an endless coffee, biscuits and gravy, fries and, oh my God, a bacon cheeseburger? Okay, that could be more serious than we thought. See you at Windsor Brunch, stat.

A hot chicken sandwich at the Nashville at Monroe.DEVELOP

A hot chicken sandwich at the Nashville at Monroe.

Chris Malloy

Best lunch in downtown

Monroe Hot Chicken
45 West Jefferson Street

Pickles. Chicken. Heat. This is what is planned for lunch at Monroe's, founded by Larry White, the man behind the chicken and Lo-Lo waffles. Inspired by Nashville 's trendy hot chicken dishes, which have become a trend from one ocean to the other, this chicken offers the intensity you want when you pop the packaged bag. al desko. The chicken has a heavy breadcrumb. You could probably design maps of varied landscapes of each piece. All this frowning, contoured and fried body in the brown does not have the luster that we can hope for – but there, the heat rises fast and strong. The secret is to dig before the pepper sauce that melts the chicken sogs on the outside. The milkshakes freeze on the heat. If you get a chicken sandwich, the cabbage salad will control the fire and give a nice dry blow. Whatever you do at Monroe, you will have lunch in the city center with the personality to make your day better.

Rokerij has a list of locked underground restaurants.

Rokerij has a list of locked underground restaurants.

Diana Martinez

Best place to eat at the bar

The rokerij
6335 North 16th Street

If you've never walked down the dark stairwell to The Rokerij, Richardson's cellar bar, put this unique Phoenix experience at the top of your list. Sitting at "the wood" is a serious business, and when you head to the bar of this magnificent underground restaurant, you immediately know that you are looking for something special. In this intimate, cabin-like setting, the bar is the focal point that stretches beautifully in the middle of the room. The shelves on the back wall are filled with an impressive range of alcohols, and happy hour (not to mention inverted happy hour) does not skimp on the wine list . Experienced bartenders, subdued lighting, classic rock through the speakers and a gorgeous copper bar are all reasons to go to the Rokerij early, ride a stool and stay late.

The range of Bao Chow option killers.DEVELOP

The range of Bao Chow option killers.

Bao Chow

Best Food Bar

Bao Chow
31 West Southern Avenue, Tempe

It is easy to enjoy the bar food, as it is likely that you drink while you enjoy it. But sometimes, the food at the bar is a level higher than some pizzas in the microwave and their wings (even if they are not good). Enter Bao Chow, who specializes in Taiwanese portable tacos, say. It can be found in the Whiskey Lounge at the famous Yucca Tap Room in Tempe. A softly steamed bun is wrapped around a bulgogi, fried chicken or tofu. The fried chicken is sent to heaven and deserves its own phrase, which is this one. Other items on Bao Chow's menu include tacos, self-made burgers, breakfast dishes, wings and perhaps the best basket you can imagine. Bao Chow is open to people of all ages every day until 7 pm, then you must be over 21 to be in Yucca. The kitchen is open every day from 10h to 1h.

Café Monarch brings romance.DEVELOP

Café Monarch brings romance.


Best restaurant for Romance

Monarch Coffee
6934 East First Avenue, Scottsdale

Imagine that you do not fly to France, but that you stay in the style of a European villa with a personalized menu and perfect privacy. There is a reason why Café Monarch was voted the second most romantic restaurant in the country by TripAdvisor. The staff will pay special attention to couples and, if it seems that you are treated as a family member, it may be because the restaurant belongs to the family and is operated by it. Gustavo Lewkowicz is the chef. His wife, Sofia, is in charge of the decoration, and their sons, Christian and Phillip, run the place. The ingredients of the restaurant, from farm to table, guarantee the highest quality cuisine. In fact, the Traveler's Choice Awards have named it the third best restaurant in the United States for its fine dining. Only two restaurants in New York City have finished higher. This real gem is a place to linger with your love and let romance take center stage.

The best dinner on the patio goes to Welcome Diner.DEVELOP

The best dinner on the patio goes to Welcome Diner.

40 volts

Best patio

Welcome dinner
929 East Pierce Street

There is no better than the Welcome Diner's patio when one is fired, drink in hand, watercolor sunset or already late and weird night. Under the green and red neon lights that illuminate the palm-covered sky over Garfield District, you, me, her, her, them, him, everyone in this part of the city seems to be having fun. Hurricanes and palomas flow like oxygen, liquor, poutine, fried chicken and chorizo ​​meatloaf. This is the kind of place that seems to defeat your goals and dreams of distant places, leaving you satisfied with the moment. It is also the kind of small but ideal patio, which would not even need food or drink, but which has both, making Welcome an iconic place in Phoenix.

Of course, bring the children to the teapot. There are many things to do to keep them busy.DEVELOP

Of course, bring the children to the teapot. There are many things to do to keep them busy.

Lauren Saria

Best restaurant to take the kids

The teapot
818 North Fifth Avenue

Socialization can be difficult with little kids running around, especially when you want to catch up with an old friend around a cup of coffee. It's impossible for anyone to have a conversation at a local fast food restaurant or children's themed pizzeria (not to mention the desire to eat there). Do not worry, parent units. The teapot, located in a restored downtown home just south of Roosevelt Street, is both a fun place and an entertainment spot for the little ones. Created by two parents, one of whom hails from London, the menu includes delicious British pastries, mouthfuls for kids and hand-made caffeinated drinks and juices. What makes the teapot an ideal place for families is the large playground located in the courtyard, where there are pedal cars surrounded by canopied benches. This makes the teapot a trendy and practical meeting place.

A window on the soul of the Grand Avenue Pizza Company.DEVELOP

A window on the soul of the Grand Avenue Pizza Company.

Allison Young

Best late-night meal

Grand Avenue Pizza Company
1031 Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue Pizza Company does not open until 4pm It stays open until 3am but only five days a week (four in the summer). Do this calculation. As frustrating as it may be for lunch, this is a big part of what is Grand Avenue. He knows his vision and he does not play with a winning formula. By using all natural and high quality ingredients (grown in Arizona where possible) and by manufacturing everything in-house, Grand Avenue does not need to compensate for anything with ridiculous fittings or a candle presentation. After a Van Buren dance party, nothing is better than a slice of pepperoni and one of its famous PB & J biscuits.

Durant's is the perfect place to order a steak.

Durant's is the perfect place to order a steak.

Tom Carlson

Best Steakhouse

From Durant
2611 North Central Avenue

Entering this steakhouse almost 70 years old gives the impression of playing in a film by Martin Scorsese. When you open the back door and enter the kitchen where steaks and chops are grilled for hungry guests inside, it's another world. Once you have crossed the swing doors of the kitchen, a team of waiters dressed in a tuxedo will meet your needs, be it a martini or a filet mignon cooked to perfection. The story of Phoenix resonates practically red walls. So much has been said about the founder of the establishment that you knew that someone would make a film of Jack Durant's life (and yes, someone did). Leave what you heard or saw at the door. The truth is that when you have something to celebrate, you go to a legendary place. You eat at Durant.

You will find Handlebar Diner in the community of Eastmark, southeast of Mesa.DEVELOP

You will find Handlebar Diner in the community of Eastmark, southeast of Mesa.

Jacob Tyler Dunn

Best Dinner

Handlebar Diner
5149 South-inspired Parkway, Mesa

If you live in a part of the valley, west, north or even in the center, you can quickly get to the Handlebar Diner. But that's almost part of the experience, of the Eastmark locals, the large planned community southeast of Mesa, southeast of Mesa, where Handlebar Diner is located. This St. Valentine's style restaurant is small inside, but the patio, with its flat-screen TVs, picnic tables and outdoor lighting, is where you can spend your little one -Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Some suggestions include Vietnamese style wings, Adam's Mac and Cheese, ravioli from Highway 44, Eastmark Cobb and Keto Smothered Chicken. For cool nights on the deck, order local, imported or national beers from the libations menu, or opt for a house cocktail like the chef's Hurricane or the handlebar mullet.

The Stacy & # 39; s Off Da Hook's basic barbecue and diet contain killer fried chicken.DEVELOP

The Stacy & # 39; s Off Da Hook's basic barbecue and diet contain killer fried chicken.

Lauren Cusimano

Best Soul Food

Stacy's Off Da Hook BBQ and Soul Food
1804 West Glendale Avenue

There's only one place in town where you have the Stacy style, it's the Off Da Hook BBQ and Stacy's Soul Food. The casual American restaurant offers trendy BBQ dishes, fried chicken and chitterlings, as well as Kool-Aid. This crispy fried chicken comes from a secret recipe concocted by the owner Stacy Phipps himself, who will probably be at the restaurant during your visit. Combine your plate with dishes such as cream cheese macaroon, salted green beans, green cabbage and corn muffins. Off Da Hook also offers breakfast arrangements, including catfish and oatmeal, chicken and waffles. The dining room is as nice as the menu, so sit back and admire the classic R & B; icons pictures like Rosa Parks, Wilson Pickett and the Obama family; and of course, the plate of food of the soul in front of you.

Stephen Jones of The Larder + the Delta.DEVELOP

Stephen Jones of The Larder + the Delta.

Chris Malloy

Best restaurant in the south

the pantry + the delta
200 West Portland Street

Chef Stephen Jones places the "South" in the "Southwest", bringing Southern cuisine to unknown taste and intellectual places in Phoenix. It is rightly famous for cauliflower, it gives Buffalo treatment, filled with smoked blue cheese and marinated celery. You see final dishes like these: John Hopper, hot chicken in Nashville, hoe cakes with radish, and they impress. But what you can not expect from far away are microscopic details and reflection that go into their components. Jones carefully makes corn in season. He amasses leftover vegetables and burns them in an ash used for seasoning or garnish. He cooked parsley roots in hay. Together, these clever little maneuvers and Jones' calculated creative style make his kitchen one of the most interesting in the city at Larder + Delta.

Pasties from the Cornish Pasty Company - our best English pub.DEVELOP

Pasties from the Cornish Pasty Company – our best English pub.

Shelby Moore

Best English pub

Cornish pastry company
Multiple locations

You can take a pint in any number of English themed bars in the city, but it's perhaps because its owner Dean Thomas grew up in Cornwall, England, as the Cornish Pasty Company feels more authentic You can make a new friend when you sit on one of the common benches while drinking from the selection of draft beers, including offers from local microbreweries to the best stouts from abroad. Some evenings, you may even surprise a large local band that plays in one of the places. Oh yes, did we mention pies? We recommend the hearty Oggie, but the menu offers many options for all tastes.

Check out the garden patio of the Irish Rula Bula pub on Mill Avenue.DEVELOP

Check out the garden patio of the Irish Rula Bula pub on Mill Avenue.

Rula Bula

Best Irish Pub

Rúla Búla Irish Pub
401 South Mill Avenue, Tempe

Any bar can give you a pint of Guinness. This Mill Avenue pub will make you wait two full minutes for your stout. Bartenders do not mind if you wait anxiously for this beer. They know that's how it's supposed to be done, putting this bar apart from other themed bars and restaurants that serve you fast rather than well. There are a variety of sandwiches, fish and chips and an authentic boxty with braised beef on the menu that you can enjoy while drinking your beer in the outdoor patio. Then, sip a hot Irish coffee at Rúla Búla and sample the restaurant's delicious bread pudding while a Celtic band plays for you.

The famous Haus Murphy on Glendale Avenue.DEVELOP

The famous Haus Murphy on Glendale Avenue.

Lauren Cusimano

Best German restaurant

Haus Murphy
5739 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale

Every autumn, German food and drinks are in the spotlight at Oktoberfest, the Bavarian festival celebrated around the world by beer and lederhosen lovers. But Valley residents do not have to wait until October to enjoy a hearty German meal. they simply go to Glendale's historic downtown and catch a table at Haus Murphy's. You can hear a German speaking waiter at the guests when you sit inside the paneled dining room. Start with the famous Bavarian german pretzel from the restaurant, if available, then choose a dish: the sauerkraut with spaetzle and red cabbage, or a hearty schnitzel platter. The desserts include an apple strudel and a chocolate turtle with sauerkraut. Of course, there is a wide range of German beers and wines to choose from. Whatever the month, a fantastic German meal awaits you at Haus Murphy.

Chris Bianco's Tratto is adjacent to his Town & Country pizzeria.

Chris Bianco's Tratto is adjacent to his Town & Country pizzeria.

David B. Moore

Best Italian restaurant

4743 North 20th Street

A saying that many attribute to Leonardo da Vinci captures the essence of Tratto: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". The understanding of Italian cuisine – which from north to south is focused on simply prepared simple cuisine – as well as on the ability of chef Cassie Shortino to take you to the mountains and open fields of Italy, all seen at through a Sonora lens, is unparalleled Phoenix. The tratto forms whole wheat cavatelli. Cut the spaghetti alla chittara. Coat pasta shells with pomodoro sauce. Foods as simple as roast chicken or chickpea pancakes seem to vibrate, especially in your memory, at the end of a meal, when you eliminate an arcane amari. In the spirit of Chris Bianco, Tratto relies on a discreet philosophy of getting the freshest ingredients possible and demonstrating craftsmanship in order to have the courage to stand aside at time of cooking. The result is a simple, sophisticated food, alive through the seasons and true to the way things are done in the old country, even though being in Arizona makes life fresh and new.

Leading to the Geordie Restaurant at Wrigley Mansion.

Leading to the Geordie Restaurant at Wrigley Mansion.

Wrigley Mansion

Best French restaurant

Geordie & # 39; s Restaurant
2501 East Telawa Trail

Try thinking of a Phoenix restaurant where Frasier and Niles could dine. What would be their in far from in? Cue Geordie & # 39; s. The gourmet restaurant of the historic Wrigley Mansion, Geordie's, offers cuisine to the James Beard Award-winning chef, Christopher Gross. Lui et son équipe de cuisiniers expérimentés préparent de nombreux plats européens, y compris la cuisine française sous forme de caviar, confit de canard, foie gras et la tour de chocolat adorée autour de la ville. Le restaurant Geordie's propose le déjeuner, le dîner, des petites assiettes, des happy hour et l'un des brunchs les plus excitants de la ville. La carte des vins propose plus de 800 bouteilles, dont beaucoup sont françaises et sélectionnées par la directrice des vins primée Paola Embry. Le Wrigley Mansion propose également des vérandas, des patios avec une vue scintillante sur la ville, cinq salles à manger privées et l'élégant Jamie's Wine Bar.

La Fry Bread House sert une cuisine traditionnelle du Tohono O'odham depuis 1992.DÉVELOPPER

La Fry Bread House sert une cuisine traditionnelle du Tohono O'odham depuis 1992.

Lauren Cusimano

Meilleure nourriture amérindienne

La Maison Du Pain De Friture
4545 North Seventh Avenue

Les bacs de préparation de cet aliment de base Phoenix de longue date ont une capacité définie: 77 boules de pâte. Certains sont destinés à devenir du pain de frite servi à côté de bols de Tohono O'odham Red Chile. D'autres vont crépiter dans l'huile en fusion avant de finir, directement à la sortie de la friteuse, avec du beurre fondu et du chocolat liquide qui coulent dans les vallées de la pâte et sur le papier de service. Le pain de cuisson est un aliment compliqué. Il est né d'une tragédie profonde. Mais il a soutenu les peuples autochtones pendant des générations. La famille Miller la sert depuis un quart de siècle sur le site changeant de Fry Bread House. Lors de votre visite, assurez-vous de regarder au-delà des disques lacy brown. C'emet, la tortilla de blé autochtone du sud-ouest, enveloppe des burros à la courge. Le chili vert, avec son épice à gorge profonde propulsée par les chiles Hatch de la fin de l'été à la fin de l'automne, est un rappel viscéral de la dure beauté de notre désert.

Meilleur restaurant péruvien

Los Andes Cuisine Péruvienne
6025 North 27th Avenue, # 24

La nourriture péruvienne est l'une des cuisines fusion originales. Les influences italiennes et asiatiques font partie du menu de Los Andes, avec de nombreuses options de linguines et d’assiettes de riz frit. Mais la véritable vedette de ce restaurant situé à l'ouest, dans le mur, est les fruits de mer. Le ceviche, avec son mélange unique d’épices péruviennes, a un goût différent des autres ceviches traditionnels. Le Pescado a lo Macho est un filet de poisson frit recouvert d'une sauce à base de fruits de mer qui, croyez-nous, est difficile à reproduire. Los Andes est un voyage à travers des centaines d'années de cuisine péruvienne amenée dans le métro Phoenix.

Les rouleaux de printemps à Da Vang.DÉVELOPPER

Les rouleaux de printemps à Da Vang.

Jacob Tyler Dunn

Meilleur restaurant vietnamien

Da Vang Restaurant
4538 nord 19e avenue

Da Vang est le quartier du quartier qui a été régulièrement sélectionné pour le Best of Phoenix, car il conserve sa formule: bonne nourriture à bon prix. Le menu vietnamien authentique est assez complet, mais cela signifie simplement que vous pouvez continuer à revenir pour quelque chose de différent à chaque fois. La plupart des articles coûtent moins de 10 dollars, mais la taille des portions est tout sauf petite. Le com tam dac biet est un plat de riz cuit à la vapeur avec du porc barbecue, des crevettes, un gâteau aux crevettes frites, une boulette de porc au barbecue, un gâteau aux œufs de crabe, du porc râpé et un œuf au plat. Que vous aimiez les nouilles, les sandwichs, un grand bol de pho ou l'une des autres soupes, Da Vang est là pour vous servir des produits frais et un service rapide.

Thai E-San a tout à fait le menu.

Thai E-San a tout à fait le menu.

Jackie Mercandetti

Meilleur restaurant thaïlandais

616 West Indian School Road

Visitez Thai-E-San et vous obtiendrez une nourriture authentique, à un prix abordable, qui respectera le prix et la taille de la portion, que vous dîniez ou non. Le personnel est sympathique et se souvient des commandes des clients réguliers. Parmi les plats les plus remarquables au menu, vous trouverez le pavé de légumes, le curry royal et la soupe à la noix de coco. Et que ce soit végétarien ou non, le tofu frit qui peut être ajouté à n'importe quel plat est à ne pas manquer. Si vous venez pour le déjeuner pendant la semaine, choisissez un plat au curry ou traditionnel avec votre choix de protéines, ainsi qu'un rouleau aux œufs, des chips au wonton et la soupe du jour. Tous les plats sont personnalisables du point de vue des épices, du "1" le plus doux au "5 le plus chaud".

Coréen mange au Drunken Tiger à Mesa.

Coréen mange au Drunken Tiger à Mesa.

Jackie Mercandetti

Meilleur restaurant coréen

Tigre ivre
1954 South Dobson Road, n ° 5, Mesa

L'atmosphère est électrique à Drunken Tiger le vendredi ou le samedi soir. De grands et petits groupes de diners heureux parlent et rient au son de la K-pop. Les serveurs se déplacent rapidement dans l'espace, distribuant des assiettes chaudes de plats fusion coréens. Drunken Tiger est le lieu idéal pour goûter à des plats asiatiques traditionnels comme tteokbokki and takoyaki ainsi que l’amusement, les plats coréens comme les nachos bulgogi et les frites de porc kimchi. Vous ne pouvez pas vous tromper avec le poulet Yang Nyum (poulet soufflé dans une sauce rouge coréenne épicée) ou le galbi. Et n'oubliez pas d'explorer le menu des boissons; Drunken Tiger propose une excellente liste de bières coréennes et de cocktails à base de soju pour préparer toute cette excellente cuisine.

Lori Hashimoto de Hana Japanese Eatery.DÉVELOPPER

Lori Hashimoto de Hana Japanese Eatery.

Dévorer classique culinaire

Meilleur restaurant japonais

Hana Japanese Eatery
5524 North Seventh Avenue

La nourriture japonaise n'est pas difficile à trouver dans la vallée, mais la vraie nourriture japonaise est une histoire différente. Trouvez Hana Japanese Eatery dans les avenues Seventh et Missouri, en occupant un emplacement dans un centre commercial proposant des bars à sushis, des zones de restauration animées et une politique BYOB. Les clients peuvent apporter leur propre saké, bière ou bouteille de vin moyennant des frais de 5 $, et le personnel de Hana le gardera au froid. The spot has been owned and overseen by renowned Chef Lori Hashimoto — nutrition science graduate and daughter of a local vegetable farmer — since its 2007 opening. Head to Hana for a bento box at lunchtime, or something with a little more detail, like the tai nanbanzuke (fried red snapper), at dinnertime.

The kung pao chicken at Chou’s Kitchen.EXPAND

The kung pao chicken at Chou’s Kitchen.

Jacob Tyler Dunn

Best Chinese Restaurant

Chou's Kitchen
1250 East Apache Boulevard, #101, Tempe

The east Valley has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to incredible Asian food. Many of the restaurants have opened in the last couple of years, but our favorite place for Chinese food has been around for a bit longer. Chou's Kitchen, which serves the cuisine of northeastern China, has a diverse menu worth exploring. We love the stir-fried eggplant with minced pork and garlic sauce, the fish filet in hot chile oil, and above all, the xiaolongbao, steamed dumplings filled with soup and pork. Voyage + loisirs included Chou's Kitchen on its list of the best Chinese restaurants in the U.S. several years ago, bringing well-deserved national attention to this local favorite.

Best Indian Restaurant

India's Flame
4427 South Rural Road, #3 and #4, Tempe

At India's Flame, to start, the naan has a flaky, wafery bite and gives you the same warming goodness as buttered popcorn. During lunch, well-spiced cups of chai are included with a sprawling buffet, and so are bracing glasses of mango lassi. You can pick and choose from the extensive menu or ride with the buffet. In either case, don't miss daal maharani, a creamy slurry of lentils with a mellow curry heat. A hearty, refined curry features bone-in goat, a shade chewy but rich and satisfying. The list of standouts goes on: tandoori chicken perfectly moist inside despite oven-blackening on the surface, coconut-milk-deepened korma packed with vegetables, and a nice carrot rendition of halwa for dessert. This hidden gem does it all.

The lamb tongue sandwich at Haji Baba in Tempe.

The lamb tongue sandwich at Haji Baba in Tempe.

Patricia Escarcega

Best Middle Eastern Restaurant

1513 East Apache Boulevard, Tempe

This deli-cafe-grocery's lamb tongue sandwich gets all the love. But what makes this longtime Arizona State University and Tempe staple the best isn't its best dishes. It's that the simplest meals and bites of food are so satisfying. A chicken shawarma sandwich at Haji-Baba explodes with juice, and gets just the sour touch it needs from pickle spears. Its pita is soft, hot and chewy, the kind of wrapping that you could eat without what it wraps. Shawarma and other sandwiches, all unreasonably cheap, are often tightly foiled and ready almost immediately. If you are even driving by this restaurant's modest sign in its fading strip mall, at least stop in for a bag of fresh Aleppo pepper, a brick of feta, or baklava to go. Bars of baklava are simple, crackly, hypnotically syrup-soaked, and chewy on their non-crackly lower halves, with all the goodness of pecan pie and then some. They're even great for breakfast.

The interior of Jollof King, where warm tunes roll and flow.EXPAND

The interior of Jollof King, where warm tunes roll and flow.

Chris Malloy

Best African Restaurant

Jollof King
325 West Elliot Road, Tempe

The food that owner Kwasi Nyerko and Chef Mercy Boadi serve at Jollof King is Ghanaian, Nigerian, and a hybrid of the two West African countries. At a seat in the vibrant restaurant, you can happily dig into warm spoonfuls of gelatinous okra stew or egusi, a renowned African stew made with melon seeds. Some of the standouts at this low-key spot include the lumpy banku — a ball of starchy corn with a pleasant, barnyard funk built through fermentation. Nut soups star. The chef makes two, including ground-nut soup, one of Ghana's most beloved dishes. The crimson depths are a warming, beautiful union of tomato, smooth peanuts, and, most of all, habanero. Garlic and ginger help shape it all into something soulful, and so does the pillowy fufu dumpling plopped in the bowl if you wisely opt for one. This is one of the best soups in town.

Can't beat that pastrami at Chompie’s.EXPAND

Can't beat that pastrami at Chompie’s.


Best Jewish Deli

Multiple Locations

Chompie's isn't necessarily the Katz's Delicatessen of greater Phoenix, but it's close enough. Started in 1979 by the Borenstein family from Queens, New York, Chompie's has gone from a simple bagel shop to a restaurant chain in its 40 years in the Valley. The New York-style deli and bakery lists menu items like kishka with double-baked Jewish rye, cabbage rolls, schnitzel, and that piled-high pastrami sandwich. All this, while the bakery features East Coast-esque bagels and the ultimate treat of peace, the black-and-white cookie. Chompie's also offers holiday menus for occasions like Christmas, Passover, St. Patrick's Day, and Yom Kippur break-the-fast.

You won't find many versions of plov in Phoenix. Luckily, this is a good one.EXPAND

You won't find many versions of plov in Phoenix. Luckily, this is a good one.

Jackie Mercandetti

Best Kosher Restaurant

Café Chenar
1601 East Bell Road, Suite A-11

For people who love to eat the world, one of the most exciting openings of the last year was Café Chenar in north Phoenix. This one-room restaurant — the third eatery opened by the Uvaydov family, who also run LaBella Pizzeria and Restaurant, and Kitchen 18 — serves Bukharian food. This is the cuisine of a Jewish minority in Uzbekistan, one at the intersection of Europe and Asia and at a prominent point of the old Silk Road. Being kosher, the dining room observes the laws of kashrut, meaning there's no dairy on the menu. Steamed manti arrive in a bamboo vessel not with the customary sour cream but a ramekin of light tomato sauce that lifts the rich noodles. This is a menu that you could close your eyes, point at, and be perfectly happy. It's loaded with plov, Cornish hen, lamb rib kebabs, and enough dumplings to fill a book — or the stomachs of a large, hungry party. During Hanukkah, the kitchen serves sufganyiot, simple and satisfying with a cup of green tea.

I’m Just A Po’boy with flash-fried mushrooms at Verdura.EXPAND

I’m Just A Po’boy with flash-fried mushrooms at Verdura.

Lauren Cusimano

Best Vegan Restaurant

5555 North Seventh Street, #108

Verdura takes a second to process. The tables and chairs in the large dining room are spaced apart like a well-planned neighborhood. Then there are the open kitchen, plants, lava lamps, and big framed photos of Prince, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, and Joan Jett. The counter-service, plant-based eatery has fun dish names like London Calling and the CBGB Salad, but the food is all business. The carne asada nachos, made with seitan, are in the running for best nachos in town. The I'm Just a Po'boy sandwich is a pile of flash-fried mushrooms, while London Calling is "phish" and chips. Everything is spot on, but the Goth Waffle will have you popping in for a visit at random hours. It's a warm, black-in-color bubble waffle, made with activated charcoal and topped with tart raspberry sorbet. Verdura is not just vegan-friendly — it may be vegan-converting.

Be sure to try the vegetarum eats at The Coronado.EXPAND

Be sure to try the vegetarum eats at The Coronado.

Jacob Tyler Dunn

Best Vegetarian Restaurant

The Coronado
2201 North Seventh Street

Do you want to trick your carnivore friends into abandoning their sinful, meat-eating ways by showing them how stupidly good vegetarian food can be? Then go to The Coronado and prepare to be confused: Its veggie burgers are so good you'll forget you're not eating meat. The goat cheese and jalapeño marmalade quesadilla is so absurdly delicious it won't matter that your hands are crazy sticky and your mouth is on fire just a little bit. The Coronado also has brunch specials that vary from week to week, outside seating, beer on tap, games in the back, and an array of beautiful and tasty baked goods.

The original “g” spicy po-boy — a messy handheld just waiting to be ordered at Green.EXPAND

The original “g” spicy po-boy — a messy handheld just waiting to be ordered at Green.

Lauren Cusimano

Best Restaurant to Trick Yourself Into Eating Healthier

Green New American Vegetarian
Multiple Locations

Here's a common complaint about many vegan food items from one flesh-loving carnivore: A lot of it tastes like soy and old tube socks. But then, Green opened up in Phoenix and Tempe, spreading the gospel of proper vegan cuisine to the steak-obsessed masses. Chef Damon Brasch had the magical idea to blend a multitude of cooking styles, yielding tasty comfort food from vegetarian or vegan ingredients that's both familiar and daring. There are the West Coast Fries, better than any spuds from In-N-Out; barbecue wings worthy of any sports bar; and, hands down, the best crab puffs in the entire Valley. But Green does more than simply trick the taste buds into eating better — the menu shows the true versatility of spinach, chickpeas, and cabbage when prepared with a lot of care and a dash of excitement. Were it not for actual burgers or wings, Green could make a vegan/vegetarian out of almost anyone.

Chorizo and caramelized-onion hush puppies with jalapeño garlic cream from Jewel's Bakery and Cafe.EXPAND

Chorizo and caramelized-onion hush puppies with jalapeño garlic cream from Jewel's Bakery and Cafe.

Jewel's Bakery and Cafe

Best Gluten-Free Restaurant

Jewel's Café
4041 East Thomas Road, #101

Food allergies and sensitivities definitely make eating out more challenging; for those who require gluten-free food, options can be limited and not always tasty. But in Jewel's Cafe, the gluten-sensitive among us have a place where everything on the menu is safe to eat, and it's all delicious. Jewel's does breakfast, brunch, and lunch; highlights include the award-winning Nashville hot chicken sandwich, the chicken and waffles, and the chorizo burrito. The baked goods here also are incredible; on any given day you might find red velvet cheesecake bars, chocolate chip scones, or peanut butter bacon brownies. What we're saying is, Jewel's isn't a great gluten-free eatery — it's a great place to eat that happens to be gluten-free.

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