Best Keto Diet Tracker for Counting Macros on Keto Diet | EXCLUSIVE OFFER !

When they follow the keto diet, many are looking for ways to count the macros and keep pace with the foods they consume. This article lists the best keto diet trackers to help simplify the process of choosing the diet to follow for a low carbohydrate diet.

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Best Keto Diet Tracker for Counting Macros on Keto Diet

Have you ever wanted to compare different Keto Diet Trackers? There are so many applications available; it can be confusing to try to understand everything. I've thought that it might be useful to compare and contrast the main Keto apps at the same place, in order to see what is available and what each Keto app offers.

I interviewed my Facebook page Keto and my Facebook group Keto for personalized comments and included them in this post. Although I do not personally use an application to track macros, it is very interesting, after reading each of them, to see how much information each provides. I could see how that would be very useful, especially at the beginning.

If you do not really know how to find your macros, you can find a reputable calculator right here. Most trackers also calculate macros. Keeping this in mind, I have listed below some of the best Keto diet follow-ups, as well as the costs, features and comments of our community, if any.

What is the best app for Keto diet monitoring?

Questions like this tend to be subjective. What one person may like the next may have trouble using it. It is in this spirit that I have included below information about the best trackers for keto feed, their cost, if any, and the comments of our many Facebook users of the Easy Keto Low Carb recipe.

What do you follow on the Keto diet?

A Keto diet follower helps you to conserve protein, carbohydrates, fat and calories within a predetermined range. Some people follow the total number of carbohydrates while others take them. You calculate the net carbohydrate by subtracting the fiber from the carbohydrate count. The goal of using an application on the keto diet is to stay in ketosis for maximum fat loss.

Is the diet Keto Legit?

The Keto Diet has been around for over 100 years. Originally, it was used to treat epilepsy, but since then, a lot of research has been conducted and the health benefits are many. It is essential to be your best advocate for health and your best researcher. Since the ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrates and fat, which differs from most diets, some may be skeptical if you can lose weight.

I've seen many achieve huge weight loss goals on keto. My best advice is to find what works for you and to stick to it because it has to act as a lifestyle change for long term results. If you are curious about what types of foods you can eat, you can find all of my keto recipes in my keto recipes index.

What is Lazy Keto?

Many who do not follow the macros and are not strict with the ingredients say they follow the lazy keto.

Best Keto Apps

My fitness buddy

Cost: Regular is free, but the premium is priced at $ 9.99 a month or $ 49.99 for the year

features: In the free version, you can follow your diet, do some exercise, keep your goals in sight, connect with friends.

Premium features allow you to:

  • Food Analysis – You can see which foods you have recorded are the best or the worst.
  • Macronutrients per gram – You can set the macros in grams or as a percentage.
  • Setting Calories for Exercise – You can track your exercise without changing your calorie or nutrient goals.
  • Check a list of macros for each meal connected to your account.

One of the most popular apps is My fitness buddy, although it is not necessarily a specific application to Keto. You will see tons of people using this app for several reasons. You can download My Fitness Pal for free, although there is a paid version. You can add recipes yourself, import recipes from your favorite websites, scan barcodes and make it very user-friendly. The disadvantage of the free or paid version of My Fitness Pal is that she does not know how to subtract alcohols from fiber and sugar (if you subtract these) from carbohydrates to get net carbs: you will have to so do this calculation manually. It presents a nutritional analysis of carbohydrates and fibers. So you have the information you need to calculate net carbs, but you'll need an extra step to do the math.

When you use the paid version of My Fitness Pal, you can refine your macros a bit more than in your free version. The free version will allow you to change your macros with variations of 5%. It may take some time to get used to it, but My Fitness Pal will help you understand your carbohydrate and macro consumption.

Return of information:

  • I use My Fitness Pal and I love the free version, but I have recently upgraded to the premium version and it has been worth it.
  • My free version of Fitness Pal. It's super easy. you can adapt it to the macros you need, you can scan and create recipes. I also like the fact that it contains so much information, especially of restaurants.
  • I use My Fitness Pal. It's free. It's friendly. You can scan barcodes. You can import recipes easily.
  • I have paid an annual fee of $ 50 for My Fitness Pal, which does not calculate net carbs for you. It's not worth it, and I'm looking for another cheaper app.
  • I use MyFitnessPal and change my macros. If you turn on your phone, it breaks down your macros (you have to manually subtract the net carbs).

Best Keto Diet Tracker

Carb Manager

Cost: FREE purchases but in the app available, the Premium version is at $ 3.34 / month

features: Most of the features available only apply to the premium version. However, you can Easily find recipes, smart scans, health reports, macros and nutrition per meal, and more.

I have heard many people say that they had downloaded Carb Manager to help them follow the Keto diet. It is a specific Keto application that you can download for free. You can upgrade to the premium with an additional cost per year. This varies from My Fitness Pal because Carb Manager was created for those who follow a low carbohydrate or keto lifestyle. Just like other data applications, you can easily track what you eat.

Return of information:

  • Carb Manager is an excellent direct application, which is free unless you want to use other features.
  • I paid the premium version to avoid the limits on meals and announcements. Carb Manager is easy for beginners
  • Carb Manager. I paid the cheapest for unlimited entries so I could build my recipes and play with numbers and so on. The free version cut me the limit of daily entry.
  • Carb Manager – free. I like it better than the MFP currently because I like the pie chart and the macros at the top of the page.
  • Carb Manager! I like the feature of scanning labels.
  • Carb Manager. I paid to be able to use the entire application.
  • I've tried several, and this one seemed to me the most user-friendly.
  • Free version. Super easy.
  • Carb Manager! I like that! Follow macros, record meals, recipes, keto forums, etc. I can also track and compare my weight to my carbs, ketone, glucose, etc., using their chart system. Break down calories in grams or percent. Very useful.
  • Carb manager, it allowed me to record my blood sugar in the context of my meals. Super app!

Best Keto Apps

The Keto Diet App

Cost: Basic is $ 3.99 Premium is $ 8.99

features: The Keto Diet App has been created for those who follow a ketogenic lifestyle. Many people in the Keto diet like this app, net carbs can be tracked without having to do manual calculations, which is an essential part of the Keto diet.

The advanced version allows you to plan meals, create meals, set carbohydrate limits and synchronize data. The free version allows you to see at least 300 low carb recipes, explain the keto diet and access a blog containing lots of information.

Again, many people like to use this keto diet app because they can track weight, manually set goals, track actions and keep up with the food they eat.

Return of information:

  • Keto Diet- The first 90 days are free and then very affordable. I like it for its ease of use and allows me to create meals.

Fat Secret App for Keto Diet

Big secret

Cost: 100% free

features: Nutritional information, weight chart and diary, exercise diary and healthy recipe collection. You do not have to pay for this app and you can always follow what you eat. This app helps you lead a healthy life by helping you follow your exercise and your food.

Return of information:

  • Fat Secret … free & does the same thing as everyone else. I just like the way it works better than the others I've tried.

Total Keto Diet app

Total Keto Diet

Cost: FREE

features: Do you want to succeed in the Keto diet? This app can be for you! You'll have access to free recipes, offline readings, recipe suggestions, shopping lists, intuitive ingredient shopping and even a Keto guide for beginners. You really get all the basics of Keto for FREE.

Tracker of meaning


Cost: FREE

features: This application can be free and simple, but it has many features. You can see macros, monitor electrolytes, find meal ideas, scan barcodes, find low-carbohydrate products near you, restaurant menus, thousands of keto-specific recipes and save this. that you eat. It has a simple, easy to control interface that you can share with your friends.

Return of information:

  • I use Senza. Also, I love it. Especially for if you have to go out to eat. He will tell us what is keto-friendly on the menu and let us follow him easily. If she does not have a recipe, I can always add it. They are usually updated and saved between the time I add and the next day. This gives excellent recipes too!
  • Senza. The barcode reader facilitates the addition of food. It is also a free application.
  • I started with carb manager, but I wondered about my macros. I've tried a few others but moved to Senza. I love the fact that it offers free recipes with a macro count that gives tips and tricks on products shows me my weight and my macros as a graph and even gives me points to stay coherent. It will also allow me to follow my exercise, but I have not used it yet. The manager of Carb seemed to want to pay for the extras.

Stupid Simple Keto App

Stupid simple keto

Cost: FREE

features: With this app you can track your food simply. You can also sync your devices so you can track all your meals. Scan and search using their database to create meals and add your food. The Stupid Simple Keto app not only allows you to track your macro, but it also warns you as you approach your daily limits in carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Set goals, take private selfies to track your progress and track your water use. These are additional features that help you stay focused and on track.

Return of information:

  • I like the stupid simple keto. Had the free part, but I wanted more options like scanning and paid for the premium option, but DO NOT DO IT! It hardly recognizes anything, and you have to enter it manually! Boring! Money is not well spent. Well. I still like the application.
  • Stupid Simple Keto, I can scan or add food that I eat, they have recipe ideas, this app works for me because it indicates what my macros should be and what they are. It is a unique application at low cost.
  • I paid $ 10. So it's worth it. (You can use for free, but the free version does not allow you to scan food.)
  • I have tried some and Stupid Simple Keto is my favorite.
  • Stupid Simple Keto-I am not very tech savvy and I find it simple enough to meet my needs.

Cronometer Keto Diet app logo


Cost: Free version or in-app purchase that costs $ 2.99 to download. There is also a gold version at $ 5.99 per month, or you can pay every year or twice a year.

features: For paid apps, Cronometer is a tool that can help you keep track of your diet and fitness. They have a complete food database of over 200.00 foods that help you track your micronutrients, and it calculates net carbs; no manual calculation is necessary. This app is ideal for helping people with a specialized diet, such as the ketogenic diet.

Return of information:

  • I paid for the gold version to avoid the limits on meals and ads. Cronometer is a great way to see the nutritional aspect of your keto meals, to avoid low-nutrient meals / snacks (ie big bombs) and to make you understand the vitamins / minerals you need !
  • I use the Cronometer, it produces net carbs and allows me to follow the exercise.

main carb logo for Keto diet tracking


Cost: FREE

features: CarbMaster is a simple application to track carbohydrates and other nutrients. It offers features such as daily goals, food search, adding custom food, recording weight and setting goals.

Return of information:

  • Carb Master … although it is slightly at odds with other macro counters. It works well, though.
  • Carb Master is super easy, and it draws the net for you!
  • Carb Master … so easy and fast to use!

Using a Keto Diet Tracker you may need to stay on track, understand the number of carbohydrates in food and be more intentional in your diet. For some, they can not imagine not using a tracker. I do not do it for several reasons. My weight loss might have been faster, but I am now at my goal of weight and maintenance.

Other Keto resources:

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Best Keto Diet Tracker for Counting Macros on Keto Diet | EXCLUSIVE OFFER !
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