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ledom35 wrote:

the sugar does not begin to go into the urine above 1.80

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with a small flat – 1.80 is the value 'à la carte' but as we are all different, for some the threshold is higher / lower.

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+1 the urine strips are rather reliable in general (if not out of date of course)

but it can mean that there is not so much sugar in your urine

and it is also possible that you very rarely make ketones (this is my case for example, even at 4 or 5g / l I may not have ketones!)

anyway to FINALLY control the evolution of your blood sugar, it's capillary blood glucose, holter, sensors, not urine strips
the strips are used to check if you have ketones

and even for that, there is a blood glucose meter: Optium Xceed
who dose ketone and so you do not have to dose your ketones in the urine


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Yes and no.
The kidney lets go of negative glycosuria as long as the blood sugar is less than 1.80. But, the threshold of diabetes is two fasting glycemia of 1.26, so when one is between 1.26 and 1.80, the strip can be negative although one is really diabetic.
The interest of these strips is to show that the situation is very serious if not urgent when it is positive.
But the negative does not mean absence of diabetes. It is necessary to consult, even in case of a negative answer of the strip.
Is that clear ?

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