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Garcinia Cambogia has become well known around the world in recent years for its health benefits, including its ability to help with weight loss, increase metabolism, boost energy levels, reduce body weight stress, to fight against depression, to cholesteroland regulate blood sugar.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia (now Garcinia gummi-gutta) is a small light green / yellow fruit in the shape of a pumpkin. Other (common) names include Malabar tamarind and Brindleberry.

Blooming in the tropics, this tree is mainly grown in Southeast Asia, India and Africa. It is widely used in traditional recipes as well as in the curries of many Asian countries. Different parts of the fruit and its extracts can be used for different flavor profiles. It is also known as a traditional remedy for a wide range of ailments.

Nutritional benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

The active ingredient in garcinia cambogia, which makes it attractive to weight loss and health enthusiasts, is called hydroxycitric acid (HCA). The HCA, combined with the other nutrients and the organic compounds present in the extract can have powerful effects on the body. However, excessive consumption of extract has also been linked to liver toxicity, so moderation is essential.

Garcinia cambogia was largely unknown, but it exploded on the international scene after its miraculous effects on weight loss were claimed. Since then, it has been available all over the world and, although its proposed effects on weight loss are still the subject of heated debate in many fashion and health circles, the excerpt seems to have a number of other beneficial effects for the health of the body. in various ways.

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Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia for Health

Let's take a closer look at some of the impressive health benefits of garcinia cambogia.

Promotes weight loss

Preliminary studies show that HCA can inhibit the enzymes involved in fat production while increasing glycogen storage in skeletal muscle after exercise. Yet, clinical studies in humans are lacking, so the use of this herb for weight loss may not be reliable.

According to a subsequent study published in the JAMA network, Dr. Heymsfield et al. reported that "Garcinia cambogia did not cause significant weight loss or fat loss (in humans) greater than that seen with placebo."

Nutritional contributions

Mangosteen, canned, syrup

Nutrient Value
Water (boy Wut) 80.94
Energy (Kcal) 73
Protein (boy Wut) 0.41
Total lipids (boy Wut) 0.58
Carbohydrates, by difference (boy Wut) 17.91
Fiber, total food (boy Wut) 1.8
Calcium, Ca (Mg) 12
Iron, iron (Mg) 0.3
Magnesium, Mg (Mg) 13
Phosphorus, P (Mg) 8
Potassium, K (Mg) 48
Sodium, Na (Mg) seven
Zinc, Zn (Mg) 0.21
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid (Mg) 2.9
thiamin (Mg) 0.05
riboflavin (Mg) 0.05
niacin (Mg) 0.29
Vitamin B-6 (Mg) 0.02
Folate, DFE (Mcg) 31
Vitamin B-12 (Mcg) 0
Vitamin A, RAE (Mcg) 2
Vitamin A, UI (IU) 35
Vitamin D (D2 + D3) (Mcg) 0
Vitamin D (IU) 0
Fatty acids, total trans (boy Wut) 0
Cholesterol (Mg) 0
Sources include: USDA

Improves metabolism

If you want to boost your metabolism, which means even faster results in the field of weight loss, adding garcinia cambogia to your daily routine is a wise choice. An increased metabolism means more immediate energy and less calorie packaging in fat. HCA acts on biochemical pathways that reduce LDL cholesterol levels and improve glycemic and insulin response.

Increases energy

Many people suffer from fatigue and muscle weakness after starting to lose those extra pounds. This makes sense because there are more calories (and therefore energy) in adipose tissue than in carbohydrates. The Garcinia Cambogia extract can help combat this – by giving a burst of energy that can overcome the moments of exhaustion related to weight loss.

Suppresses appetite

This is another way for garcinia cambogia to help people lose weight. That's why it's now included in dozens of supplements and weight loss products. Natural HCA (hydroxycitric acid) derived from Garcinia cambogia has been shown to be beneficial for controlling appetite Sunny Ohia et al., School of Pharmacy and Paramedical Professions, Creighton University, Omaha, USA. By suppressing the appetite, it causes the body to eat only at certain times and in specific quantities. If you are trying to lose weight, these snacks in between can be the most difficult things to avoid. It is wise to keep your appetite under control with this extract.

Reduces stress

Preliminary studies have shown that the HCA compound present in the extract could regulate the levels of cortisol in the blood, one of the most common stress hormones. By reducing the level of stress hormones and controlling anxiety, this herbal supplement can help improve the health and functioning of all your organ systems and reduce oxidative stress throughout the body. In another study that did not show this effect, Garcinia cambogia may not have such a direct effect on stress.

Help with depression

The organic compounds present in garcinia cambogia can reduce the tendency to depressants by releasing serotonin in the body, which is the hormone "satisfaction" or "pleasure". Maybe it can work as a self-fulfilling cycle. By using this herbal extract, one can lose weight, feel edified and encouraged, and then determined to continue and achieve one's goal. This ability to stabilize mood is based on the effect of HCA on neurotransmitters, and reduced levels of stress can often contribute to long-term treatment depression.

Lowers cholesterol

The other major way in which garcinia cambogia can help those who use it to lose weight is to optimize the balance of cholesterol in the body. HCA and other compounds of this plant are able to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels. This will help reduce your risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes, while also reducing arterial pressure and give you more energy for your daily tasks. The cholesterol-lowering effect of garcinia cambogia is confirmed by a study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research.

Regulates blood sugar

For people with diabetes, turning to garcinia cambogia is an excellent choice for controlling blood sugar while regulating metabolism as a complementary treatment. This avoids any unexpected drop or spike in blood sugar, which can have terrible consequences. Garcinia cambogia extracts have effectively improved glucose metabolism in mouse models, according to a study cited in Fitoterapia of Elsevier newspaper.

Word of caution: Again, while it may be tempting to exaggerate things we know to be good for us, we still do not know a lot about garcinia cambogia. What is clear is that excessive consumption of this plant can be toxic to the liver, ketoacidosis and pancreatitis. Even after adding it to your health program, it should be taken in moderation. Other human clinical trials examining the role of Garcinia cambogia are warranted before intensive use of this supplement is recommended.

7 Amazing Benefits Of Garcinia Cambogia – Weight Loss, Stress Relief | CLAIM YOUR FREE BOTTLE !
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