6 Easy Keto Recipes for Keto-Curious | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

If you have listened with Dr. Josh Ax on The Goop Podcast, you know that it is someone who thinks very intensely – agree, really intensely – about what 's going on. he puts in his body at all times. That's why it's no surprise that his approach to a ketogenic diet is deeply researched and clearly focuses on diet to optimize your health – with as many vegetables, herbs and spices as possible.

You can read about his approach in his latest book, Keto Diet– and in the meantime, we asked him for advice on how to switch to a low-carb diet, if you plan to do so. In addition, he chose some of his favorite keto-favorite recipes (and gave us some helpful notes on how he could edit them to make them even more keto).

Simple settings and recipes if you're ready to try Keto

There is not one plan that best fits each person. My personal approach is to focus on quality and then the amount of macronutrients.

I have also personally seen the impact of a healthy, low-carb diet on people's health. In general, I therefore want a low to moderate carbohydrate diet that focuses on vegetables, healthy fats and quality protein. Here are some basic tips if you want to try something similar:

1. HAVE A GROCERY GAME PLAN. Whether you follow the keto diet or not, it's always a good idea to shop around the grocery store. This is usually where you'll find food groups like vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, and seeds, which should be the bulk of your purchases. Stable shelf-stable foods are often what fills the aisles of the store.

2 KEEP THE OWN. I recommend aiming for a clean keto diet, which means a low carb and high fat diet that focuses on whole unprocessed foods. A clean keto diet includes lots of quality vegetables, herbs, spices, meats and proteins, and of course clean fats, like real olive oil, virgin coconut oil grass-fed butter or ghee, almonds, oily fish, etc.

The foods I would recommend to avoid – even if they can be technically "keto" and low in carbohydrates – are products such as processed meats (bacon, salami, sausages, etc.), vegetable oils refined (canola, sunflower, safflower, corn oil). etc.) and most packaged products containing additives and hard-to-pronounce chemicals. Remember that quality is important when it comes to following a clean keto diet. If a recipe requires bacon or other processed meats, I'd recommend using fresh grass-fed or outdoor meats instead.

3 DO NOT LOSE THE MEALS YOU LIKE. Think about some of your favorite dishes (burgers, Mac'N'A cheese, tacos, etc.) and find a way to make them keto-friendly by eliminating grains and sugar, incorporating healthy vegetables and fats.

For example, prepare a hamburger without bread with aged cheddar cheese on a salad; substitute vegetables such as cauliflower, zucchini or spaghetti squash with noodles; use coconut flour or almond to make crusts and low-carb bread; use green cabbage leaves or butter lettuce pots instead of rolls or tortillas.

4 CONSIDER KETO CYCLING. Keto cycling is a form of carbohydrate cycling, which means simply intentionally eating more carbohydrates only on certain days and reducing carbohydrates on other days. When you bike, you consume sufficient amounts of carbohydrate (ideally those that are not processed and are rich in nutrients) about every two days or every other day, depending on your specific goals, otherwise you eat to stay in. ketosis.

It is a strategy to make the keto diet sustainable in the long run; you may want to follow the keto diet for only two to three months, then take a break and return to the diet if you're feeling well.

Consuming carbs in your diet several days a day can help offset some of the negative side effects you may feel if you eat little carbohydrates, such as feeling tired or too hungry. Potential benefits of keto or carb cycling include: improving physical performance, preventing fatigue, preserving muscle mass, reducing body fat, preventing a decline in metabolic rate , increasing flexibility and diversifying your diet.

Dr. Josh Ax, founder of Former Nutrition and DrAxe.com, is a natural medicine doctor, chiropractic doctor and clinical nutritionist who is passionate about people's health by giving them the opportunity to use nutrition to feed themselves . He is the best-selling author of Eat dirt, and the Keto Diet.

This article is for informational purposes only, though and to the extent that it contains the advice of doctors and practitioners. This article is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be considered as specific medical advice. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the expert and do not necessarily represent those of goop.

6 Easy Keto Recipes for Keto-Curious | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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