24 Keto breakfast recipes to add a jetpack to your day | LIMITED TIME OFFER !

Keto breakfast can be a rare animal because many keto veterans skip breakfast as part of their daily routine intermittent fasting diet.

But for those who train (at the gym or at home looking for toddlers) and / or work away from home (with a fatal ride), breakfast may seem essential …

And delicate.

It's too early for culinary acrobatics and grilling bacon and eggs can get old if you do it too often. You want healthy, good food and want it on your plate without doing any fuss. We have gathered our best recipes for breakfast to help your menu and your mornings.

Before turning to our recipes, here are some tips on keto breakfasts.

How to make breakfast, Keto style

Some tips will help you start the day while staying ketosis and will help you stay more easily ketogenic diet.

Do enough for the remaining breakfasts

The meat dish leftovers are ridiculously easy to reignite on fire or in the microwave for a hearty breakfast or brunch.

Make a bigger batch of your favorite keto recipes also allows you to save money and time. Freeze them and continue to eat them without having to redo your purchases and prepare yourself.

The stews and casseroles can last a week for one person, including breakfast!

Keep things as simple as possible on keto prevents failures to achieve something "easy and fast" but not ketogenic (and not healthy), especially when you start keto.

Think about what you need for the day

the ketogenic diet You have probably already learned that you should not always eat what is prescribed or what you eat. Eat what you need instead, depending on your goals. This is true for all meals, but especially for breakfast. Most of us have the most important parts of our day lined up in the morning.

What are you doing? Brainstorming for the new marketing campaign? Your weekly basketball match with the guys?

For example, eggs and bacon may not give you the mental acuity you need for an early meeting, or a very light breakfast bowl may not give you enough energy for the hike you have planned with the family.


Plan your meals according to to your schedule for the week. Seriously, planning a menu is neither outdated nor capricious. Clever. Take charge of your food, it's take your health in hand!

Planning helps you to:

  • buy or order ingredients from your supplier of local / organic / meat / dairy products
  • use what is in season
  • preparation and cook what you can in advance and / or in bulk
  • match your meals to the demands of the day
  • look for tips or interesting techniques for your planned recipe, especially if you're not a qualified cook
  • prepare your own ingredients such as ghee, candied garlic, milk and nut meal, broth, etc.
  • Observe manufacturing and restoration trends so you can invest in better tools and equipment (eg, cast iron skillet, food processor, knives, salad spoon, clay casserole, oven Dutch, a spiralizer, etc. pans and liners, etc.)

What and how much should you eat for breakfast while on Keto?

There are no rules except eating whole foods, following keto macros and filling up your caloric budget every day.

The eggs are good. The cheese is good (if your gut does not disagree with it). Complex carbohydrates, no. In addition to being non-ketogenic, these could still seem too heavy at breakfast, which makes you slow instead of energy.

You may notice that most keto breakfast recipes are high in fat. Because of the keto macro? Yes. But more than that, a good fat from good sources turns out to be a great fuel! You want fuel for the day and you definitely want your ketone production to start, so you load your big macro at breakfast.

Remember calculate your macros and eat the right amount of calories for your daily needs and goals. Whether you are fasting or not, you must meet your caloric and protein intake required for your body and mind to stay healthy.

Aside from the favorite keto toast, the wham-bam toast-thank-you-avoid, here are our best Keto breakfast recipes, simple, delicious, satisfying, with the ketonic stimulant bonus.

Keto Breakfast Drinks

# 1: Keto Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

keto breakfast

Our bullet-proof coffee contains MCT Oil powder in addition to butter. Watch the frothy magic happen in your blender.

# 2: Perfect Keto Frappuccino

Save your money. And save yourself from excess sugar. You do not have to go to Starbucks if you need a cold, chilling glass to wake you up. Make it your new habit.

Our smoothie recipes are packed with antioxidants, collagen and ketones, making them ideal for quick and delicious breakfasts that you can take with you.

# 3: Almond Butter and Acai Smoothie with Low Carb

You do not have to eat almonds for your breakfast. It's a more heavenly option, with the powerful antioxidants and appetite suppressing properties of the Acai berry, and a pure, clean energy derived from MCTs.

keto breakfast

# 4: Matcha Green Smoothie micronutriment

keto breakfast

All the benefits of Matcha and Perfect Keto Microgreens in a single glass, energy from MCT and collagen, and very nourishing coconut milk that will last you until lunch.

# 5: Chocolate sea salt smoothie

keto breakfast

# 6: Keto Smoothie with Collagen

These two favorite smoothies use Perfect Keto favorites, both in a very good chocolate flavor that enhances mornings as well as your mental concentration and energy.

Keto Staples Breakfast

#seven: Keto Brunch Spread

keto breakfast

The taste and benefits are as impressive as they look. Eggs and bacon. Fat and protein to stimulate your energy and your ketones. Superfood asparagus to stimulate your brain and your immunity. Better yet, it looks so pretty but so easy.

Impress someone without having to wake up several hours too early.

It takes 20 minutes to cook. Not for days you are in a hurry, or put it in the oven while you do your morning ablutions (shower, shave, makeup).

# 8: Keto Power Breakfast Green Sauce

keto breakfast

# 9: Easy tacos for the ketogenic breakfast

keto breakfast

These two delicious uses are another use that skipped for your leftover green vegetables. And bacon, although we can not imagine anyone with leftover bacon.

The green sauce is a bit like the pesto keto, with the nutty taste coming from hemp hearts with low carbs.

And tacos for breakfast to start your weekend with a crunchy bacon and shells bang, or as a lunch (dinner for breakfast) alone or with friends, who would certainly have finished even before the movie or the game does not begin.

#ten: Frittata with turkey sausage

keto breakfast

# 11: Sautéed Bacon with Mushrooms

keto breakfast

In addition to the slow cooker, you want to have a cast iron skillet, for a quick and unadorned meal preparation. These two pizzas recipes are hearty meals that you can pack for a brunch or a freezer for a week of breakfasts.

You have the frittata if you have more time (it takes 40 minutes of preparation and cooking combined), perfect for weekends. The bacon mushroom pan takes half the time (20 minutes) and provides you with high, healthy doses of fat, protein and health benefits from peppers and mushrooms.

Do ahead: Garlic confit, roasted garlic slowly, immersed in avocado oil. Excellent way to preserve your garlic if you buy it in bulk.

Keto Pancakes + Waffles

Below you will find our best and popular pancake recipes. Perfect with bacon or all alone with your favorite keto hot chocolate cold or agitated mornings when you just need comfort before tackling everything.

# 12: Latte Matcha Crêpes Without Flour

keto breakfast

N ° 13: Superfood Pumpkin Waffles

keto breakfast

# 14: Chocolate pancakes with blueberry butter

keto breakfast

Keto-Friendly Breakfast Bowls

# 15: Taco soup with slow cooker

keto breakfast

Speaking of comfort, very few dishes could compete with a bowl of beef. Works well after a sleepless night!

When it's cold outside, when you're confronted with a dreaded meeting or just want to chew meat, this tacos soup can serve as dinner, lunch and breakfast for several days! Delicious and unprepared (once you've finished your work and put them all in the slow cooker!).

# 16: Breakfast bowl with avocado

keto breakfast

Your toast upgraded without toast, and more from Instagrammable – look all that color.

# 17: Keto Oatmeal: 5 minutes of low carb

keto breakfast

For those of us who lack the texture and taste of oatmeal, here is the keto version that is packed with the benefits of chia seeds, hemp hearts and MCT oil.

# 18: Bacon saucepan with bacon

keto breakfast

High nutritional value of Brussels sprouts and the combination of cheese and bacon in a bowl. It's almost too fast for you to continue to feel zen-induced bacon, garlic and cheese while you eat.

N ° 19: Bacon, egg and cheese

keto breakfast

Also known as bacon pie, eggs and cheese. Get a look and a whiff of this slice and fall in love. It takes more than an hour to prepare and bake, so certainly for weekends or off-peak mornings when the kids are at their grandparents' house or you do not have to go to work until midday…

Fat Bombs

Four big bombs are quick breakfasts or quick snacks (or two or three).

The ketogenic diet is rich in fat. The fat bombs are cheeses and fudge of high quality (they are sometimes very cold). These recipes mix with care and creativity the best ingredients to give you high nutritional value that you will not always expect candies. like pieces.

Yes, they drink your ketones. For FI practitioners, big bombs give you energy and "food" without breaking your fast. And yes, big bombs give you energy. In the case of MCT anti-inflammatory fat bombs, they can even help that feeling of stiffness that you have a few mornings!

Choose your poison below.

N ° 20: Mocha Fat Bombs

# 21: Peaches and fat bombs with cream

keto breakfast

# 22: Fat bomb with macadamia nut

keto breakfast

# 23: Pumpkin and spice fat bombs

keto breakfast

# 24: MCT Fat Anti-inflammatory

keto breakfast

Keto Supplement Perfect Morning Keto

Here's a quick guide to ketones and ketone supplements that you can take the first thing in the morning to feel instantly more awake with clean energy and for other benefits.

Skip or not skip breakfast on Keto?

Before that, there was a widely covered "study" associating the suppression of breakfast with atherosclerosis, the hardening of the arteries. Time, The Guardian, Telegraph, Men's Fitness, Science Daily have all talked about it. The grain companies had to rejoice.

But the study says it's what you eat after jumping it can be problematic (*) Most Americans who skip breakfast also have an unhealthy lifestyle. It does not matter if you fast. In fact, skipping breakfast can be beneficial (*) for obese patients. It's what you eat that counts.

Breakfast – and all other meals – depends on the preference of each individual. Skip or not, as long as you make healthy choices, you are in gold.

On the ketogenic diet, you follow everything, not just ketone levels. Mood, alertness, digestive disorders – all this gives you a clear idea of ​​what your body likes.

Do you do better when you have eaten? Or do you feel more alert when you feel lighter on your stomach? Eat accordingly!

24 Keto breakfast recipes to add a jetpack to your day | LIMITED TIME OFFER !
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